Song writted and produced by Rodgerio Frings. Release date expected to be sometime in May.


California Girl

I saw her walk on down my bay I thought to Myself 'man, i need a babe' Her long, lushious hair drifted through the air As if the world had came to say

{Chorus} Follow me and everthing is alright i'll be the one who picks you up at night and if you, wanna come i can guarantee you won't sleep with nobody Else like me

So we headed back off to my house We walked to my door and i unlocked it well We went straigh to the bedroom and stripped until were naked and started singing along

oh baby,

{Chorus} x2

ohh Baby Baby Babyy Yeah! Why don't you scoosh on up Cover your tub and jump all over the room and get ya screaming nowwwww


{Chorus till fade}

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