2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night World Tour
Tour by Daphne Aguilera, Zulema
Supporting album Spank For The Mammaries (Daphne aguilera)
Fuck (Zulema)
Start date July 1st, 2006
End date September 27th, 2006
Legs 2
Shows 13 in North America
12 In UK

25 Total
Daphne Aguilera, Zulema tour chronology
- 2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night World Tour
The SEX Tour

This was the joint tour of Daphne Aguilera and Zulema.

Set ListEdit

Daphne AguileraEdit

  1. Sweet Dreams My Ex From NYC
  2. Can't Speak, Can't Hear You
  3. Geinie In A Bottle (Christina Aguilera Cover)
  4. Woah! Stop Fighting Over Me
  5. Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (Bitch)
  6. Kiss Kiss Me Down South
  7. Naughty Baby Did A No-NO


  1. Don't Step In Dog Shit
  2. Let's Raid Daddy's Drinks Cabinet!
  3. Fuck Me Tender
  4. I Will Always Fuck You
  5. You Got Me Painting
  6. I Want It Big Time
  7. Will You Still Fuck Me Tomorrow?
  8. Poor Country Girl

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