3ours Until Sundown


John (left), Billy (middle), and Zac (right), in a recent picture put on their MySpace page.
Villa Rica, Georgia
Years Active
Billy Mercury, Zac Barry, and John Weaver


3ours Until Sundown is an American rock band from Villa Rica, Georgia. They debuted (to the world, not just their school) in 2008 with their single "Roll Another Joint", Which featured their hit song "The Dreamer". They are made up of Billy Mercury, the singer and guitarist for the band, Zac Barry, who plays the drums for the drums for the band, and John Weaver, the bass guitarist for the band.


Billy and Zac Barry met in the third grade, who were in the same class, the two would become best friends. In fourth grade Billy and Zac met John, who became their next best friend, the three hung out from then on. After the two met John, they discovered he liked to play pranks and do stuff he wasn't supposed to do. Which got them all three in trouble, all the time. In fifth grade, the three friends stopped focusing on playing pranks and turned their attention towards music.
This would lead to the formation of No Sundown, which they thought was a kickass name at the time. That Christmas, they all three got instruments, Billy a guitar, Zac a drum set, and John and a bass guitar. They practiced on them every day and didn't really start writing songs until the seventh grade, which had a talent show and they wanted to write a song and play it in the show. Surprisingly, they won and the school wanted to hear more, so they gave more. They had Billy's older brother make c.ds for them on the computer and would give the c.ds away for free.
Giving c.ds away for free lasted until the tenth grade, which was when they needed to start making money to try and get somewhere in the music world. Some of their fans didn't like having to buy their music, but the die-hard fans had no problem and agreed that it would help the band out. The band finally decided to try and get signed, so they sent a demo to Spice Records, which accepted them onto their label and helped release Roll Another Joint.

Discography (Info)Edit

"Roll Another Joint" (Single)Edit

Roll Another Joint was the debut for 3ours Until Sundown. The single included 'Roll Another Joint', 'Throw That Finger Up', and 'The Dreamer'. Roll Another Joint was based on how the band likes to relax, smoking their good stuff. Throw That Finger Up had a meaning, or tried to give everyone who listened to the song the idea of rage towards everyone who had pissed the listener off before. The Dreamer is nothing more than just the band playing around on instruments.

"Red Light, Green Light, Let's Get High Tonight"Edit

3ours Until Sundown's second single. This single consists of two fast paced songs: Red Light, Green Light, Let's Get High Tonight, and Listen to My Song. The third song is themed to tell the listener to "Slow the fuck down in life.", as in the words of Billy.

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