4th Street Band: Live Anthology Vol 2
4th Street Band Vol 2
Live album by 4th Street Band
Released August 2010
Recorded New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles
Genre Rock, Alternative Rock
Length 58:23
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconti

Track listingEdit

# TitleWriter(s)Location Length
1. "Left In The Rain (On A Saturday Night)" (June 2nd 2008)Max ArmstrongNew Jersey 4:23
2. "The Oldest Story Ever Told" (June 2nd 2008)Max ArmstrongNew Jersey 3:38
3. "Parting Of The Sea's" (June 2nd 2008)Max ArmstrongNew Jersey 5:20
4. "Hey Kid, This Is My Whole World" (July 14th 2008)Max ArmstrongChicago 5:05
5. "Under The Stars (With My Baby By My Side)" (July 14th 2008)Max ArmstrongChicago 5:48
6. "Skylines & Cute Smiles" (July 14th 2008)Max ArmstrongChicago 7:59
7. "Time Is Creeping Up (On Me)" (August 7th 2008)Max ArmstrongLondon 5:19
8. "So Far Away From Home" (August 7th 2008)Max ArmstrongLondon 6:43
9. "Rock & Roll (Saves Your Soul)" (August 7th 2008)Max ArmstrongLondon 3:51
10. "Janey, See The Light" (October 18th 2008)Max ArmstrongNew York 8:07

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