5 Years Of Frenzy - The B-Sides
Trash metal, melodic death metal
Produced by
Tony Visconty and Transferium Project
Recorded at
Tico Tico Studios, Finland

5 Years Of Frenzy - The B-Sides is a b-side album by metal band Transferium Project. The album is a compilation of unreleased tracks form the four preceding albums, the christmas single Snowy Road and one new song.


1. "Erasing The Past" (new song)
2. "While We Run" (Reincarnation)
3. "Scream Of Those Forgotten" (Nightstalker)
4. "Warriors Of The Apocalypse" (Promises...)
5. "Face Your Fears" (Promises...)
6. "The Edge Of Sanity" (IV: Orion)
7. "The Razor Cuts Deep" (IV: Orion)
8. "Snowy Road" (Christmas Single)
9. "Driving Home For Christmas" (Chris Rea Cover)(Snowy Road B-Side)
10 "Feliz Navidad" (Snowy Road B-Side)


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