A Different Kind of Schizophrenia
Studio album by Rest in Peace
Released May 28th, 2008
Recorded March 2008 – May 2008 at The Dorc
Genre Noise
Progressive rock
Surf rock
Length 67:23
Language English, Spanish
Label Midnight Records
Producer Eduardo Savino, Fred Sherman
Rest in Peace chronology
Revolutionary Breakdown
A Different Kind of Schizophrenia

A Different Kind of Schizophrenia is the eighth studio album by Buenos Aires-based experimental punk band Rest in Peace, released on May 28th, 2008. It reached at #5 in South America, #2 on both Europe and Canada and top 5 in the rest of the World. The title of the album comes from a line of the song "She Flew High". This album was, as the band announced, the last album they would release before their hiatus.

A Different Kind of Schizophrenia included the singles "So You Don't Want Anything From Me" and "These Arms Aren't Mine...".

The album won Best Album award in the 14th IMAs.


Musical style and influencesEdit

When the band first started to work on the album, Savino said that "the band will experiment with a lot of different things and genres which they never approached before, such as noise, post-punk, garage rock". He also said that the band's main punk influences will still remain as in all their past albums. Rest in Peace debuted several new songs during their 2008 US tour ("Smash Your Head Tour") and in the BOTB, including "Sinfonía Abandono", "Anónimo I: Respira", "Crash", "Over and Over", "1973" and "Paracaídas". Many of the band's new songs had in common that they were leaded by highly distorted guitars and in almost every song Savino played keyboards and/or synths.

In an interview with New Musical Express, Pedro Vuisso stated:

"I'm not afraid of doing something completely different on this album. That's what we're supposed to do, to surprise our fans, to bring them different and better music, to give them something to talk about. If all of our albums were the same stuff, we wouldn't be talking right now. We started a revolution with Stolen Dreams, and we're not gonna stop. This will, musically, challenge everything that everyone can expect from us. But we need to do it right."

During the evolution of the album, the band discovered new genres and influences. They discarded almost all the songs they had recorded and recorded almost the whole album again. They asumed it had to be their best album ever, and they had to work on it a lot to get to that level. They explored new instruments such as minimoog, ondes Martenot and accordion.

The main genres that the band explored on this album were neo-psychedelia, surf rock, progressive rock, electronica, noise and post-punk, but also madcore and indie rock/pop. They said to were mostly influenced by Radiohead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Neutral Milk Hotel, Moronic Changeling, Pilot, The Strokes, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Knife and Aphex Twin. The multi-collaborations also contributed to make the album much more variated, like adding the rapcore style of Evan J or the political punk attitude of Bad Guys.

Lyrical contentEdit

In general, lyrics on this album use an extremely high amount of metaphores and lyrical resources. They are thought-provoking and hard to interpretate. Most of the lyrics have references to drugs, some more than others ("These Arms Aren't Mine" and "She Flew High", for example). "These Arms Aren't Mine", particullary, explains Savino's recent heroin addiction, which was unknown before the release of the album.

Also, most of the lyrics describe love or friendship histories. In "1973", it's described "the potential divorce of a mature couple, singed from the prespective of the woman and her son".[1] Others, like "You're Like A Cigarette To Me" are more sarcastic and give a despective description of relationships.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Eduardo Savino and performed by Rest in Peace, except where noted.

  1. "Sinfonía Abandono [feat. John from Rathoria, Lisa Robin Murphy and Bobby Bland Black]" - 5:13
  2. "1973" - 6:20
  3. "These Arms Aren't Mine... [feat. Bad Guys]" - 4:32
  4. "You're Like A Cigarette To Me [feat. Ian Picholl]" (Savino, Picholl) - 12:56
  5. "Romanticism Isn't What 21st Century Girls Are Looking For [feat. Evan J from Attack The System]" - 4:47
  6. "So You Don't Want Anything From Me [feat. Moronic Changeling]" (Savino, Vuisso) - 4:30
  7. "She Flew High [feat. Averex and Gillians]" - 7:47
  8. "No, I Won't" (Savino, Rosbaco) - 2:58
  9. "Respira [feat. Nick Edmonson, Clint Walkingshaw and Stephen Holland from Pilot]" - 8:26
  10. "Please, Don't Make This Harder..." - 11:54
    • Contains the hidden track "Pink Rocket Launcher"


Rest in PeaceEdit

  • Eduardo Savino - vocals, screams, guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, synths
  • Federico Rosbaco - guitar, bass, piano, accordion, ondes martenot, vocals
  • Mike Alche - guitar, acoustic guitar, back vocals, harmonica
  • Pedro Vuisso - vocals, bass, guitar, programming, saxophone
  • Guido Monteur - drums, back vocals, percussion, programming

Additional musiciansEdit



  1. Allmusic review retrieved 30th May 2008.

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