A Missing Chromosome
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
London, England
Montreal, Canada
Genre(s) Jazz, Electronica, Ambient, Trip hop, Experimental, Tango, Art rock
Years active 2008-present
Label(s) Art is Bullshit
Jellyfish Productions
Associated acts Rest in Peace, Self Esteem, Used To Love Her
Eduardo Savino
Federico Rosbaco
Bob Liberty
Ed Walker
Fred Sherman
Former members
Albert Freixas
Juan Gutiérrez
Antonio López-Mansilla

A Missing Chromosome is a electronica/jazz quintet based in London, Buenos Aires and Montreal, as their members are some from each city and they like to spend some time in each one. The band consists of ex-Rest in Peace members Eduardo Savino and Federico Rosbaco, ex-Used To Love Her members Bob Liberty and Fred Sherman and bassist Ed Walker. Their name comes from an EP released by experimental band The Mars Volta.

Their debut EP, the Monkey EP was critically acclaimed by critics and recognised musicians from the whole music industry. Their debut album, still untitled, will be released next Friday, October 10th, 2008.


Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

Eduardo Savino (2008-present) - guitar, vocals, melodica, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, charango
Federico Rosbaco (2008-present) - guitar, keyboards, flute, percussion, trumpet, bandoneón, violin
Bob Liberty (2008-present) - guitar, synths, saxophone, trumpet, ukelele
Ed Walker (2008-present) - bass, back vocals, percussion
Fred Sherman (2008-present) - drums, back vocals

Past membersEdit

Albert Freixas (2008) - guitar, keyboards, synths, precussion
Juan Gutiérrez (2008) - bass, back vocals, percussion
Antonio López-Mansilla (2008) - producing, mixing, programming, synths

Musical styleEdit


Main article: A Missing Chromosome discography

External linksEdit

Official blog
CBM Group web

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