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A Year In The Life is a book by singer-songwriter Max Armstrong,. The book is set for its official release on May 27th, 2009 and is expected to go straight to the top of the book charts.

The book was written throughout the year 2008 and in an interview about the book Max Armstrong said "I started every morning by writing down exactly what was going through my mind,I wrote about every party i went to, every person who i ended in bed with, every drink i had, every meaningful conversation and more, it was like having a shrink the only difference being i got paid to do it, i really enjoyed it and hope whoever buy's it enjoys it".

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Chapter 1: January - March
  • Chapter 2: April - July
  • Chapter 3: August - October
  • Chapter 4: November
  • Chapter 5: December

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