Accursed Cross
Progressive Metal
Guitar, Violin, Bass, Piano, Drums, Harmonica, Vocals
Band Members
Years Active
Cross Records

Accursed Cross are a british band, formed in London. With the release of Evil Fantasies, the band achieved worldwide popularity. The band was formed in February 2007, by Graziella Rotche, Lucas Grol and Anna Therli. In March, they hired Russel Astral. Charles Falz was hired in January 2008, to record Evil Fantasies.

Accursed CrossEdit

The album was quietly released in Europe, but it sold quite well (460,400 copies). The title track caused some controversy because of the critics against christianity, but soon it was forgotten.

The magazine Evolution ranked it as 69th best album of 2007, and the song Forgive Me as 96th best song of the year.


Year Title Type Chart positions (World)
2007 Accursed Cross Single 663
2007 Accursed Cross Album 533
2008 Nightmare Single 202
2008 Spider Messiah Single 175
2008 Evil Fantasies Album 252
2008 Death is the End....or not? Single 126
2008 Deceiver Single 126
2008 H-2111 Single 91
2008 Cross Enigma : The Codes Album 112
2008 Absolute Single N/A

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