Aerospliff AKA The most dangerous band on the planet, is a five piece hard rock band from Newcastle upon tyne, England.

There attituede, outragous live shows and frequent trips to prison earned them the tag as the worlds most dangerous band when they 1st appeared on the scene of the RSG

Loved and Hated in equal measures through there early days the band eventually won over critics through there hard work and went on to become one of the biggest bands in the world.

The band enjoyed one of the most sucessful runs in RSG history shortley before they split up having 4 back to back number one albums (8 top 5 albums in a row).

The band released 5 studio albums, and 2 live albums but there was also 4 oter albums made up of rarities b sides and interviews which all sold well.

The band have sold more than 110,000,000 records around the world and have played to sold out crowds at the worlds largest venues, they were the 1st band to sell out the million capacitie Rockstar Stadium and that show was watched by almost 20 million people on PPV.

Aerospliff have won a total of 10 birdies and at the 12th IMAs scooped four awadss which may be a record.

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