Band Name
Alex Hughes - Lead Vocals
Dan Ward - Keyboads
Rob Hanlow - Guitars
Karl Johnson - Vocals, Percussion and Synth
Becca Hayworth - Backing Vocals
Richard Gray - Additional Keyboard
Bedford, UK
Years Active
2006 - Present
M/M Records 2007 - Present
Soundshock Management 2006 - Present

Aftershock are an English band hailing from Bedford in Bedfordshire. The original line up of Alex Hughes, Dan Ward, Rob Hanlow & Karl Johnson were joined in late 2006 by Becca Hayworth for the release of the band's 4th studio album Illegal Music:Volume 1. In 2007 they were joined by Keyboard player Richard Gray whilst Dan Ward took a 3 month break from the band to deal woth difficulties in his private life. The songwriting duties are spread between Hughes, Ward, Hanlow and Hayworth.


The year started with the release of Music Matters, an independant single. It managed to achieve a top 30 placing inthe UK charts. After the single release attentions turned to the bands 12th overall album which was entitled Lovers & Other Strangers. Five singles were taken from the album which included 2 double a-sides and a number 1 in Canada. January also saw Aftershock finalise details of a collaboration album with Girlspice which is due to be released in August of 2008. They also set about secret writing and recording sessions for another collaboration.

February saw the release of two singles (Two Of A Kind & [[Truth Tells Lies [Monrose Mix]]] ) from the Lovers & Other Strangers:The B-Sides + album before the actual album release on March 1st.

March saw the band concentrate on the release of No Pressure : The B-Sides + and its accompanying singles (Hide & Seek, Stepping Stone and Invisible).

August saw the release of their 10th studio entitled Illeagal Music : Vol. 2. The release was preceeded by 6 singles including a duet with Girlspice on the sensual Sexual Magic. One further single was released after the album's release in the form of Footsteps In The Dark with Japanese superstar Yumi Takahashi.

September sees the release of the bands first greatest hits collection entitled Time Is Against Us. The lead single features R'n'B superstar Kelis.

November will see the release of a sophomore-bjorkesque album entitled Emotional Landscapes. Finishing touches are happening to this at present.


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Year Title Type Chart positions (UK)
2006 If You Gotta Go..Go Now Studio 898
2006 No Pressure Studio 254
2006 Hidden Agenda Studio 151
2007 Hidden Agenda:The B-Sides + Collection 110
2007 Illegeal Music : Volume 1 Studio 83
2007 It Ain't Easy Studio 42
2007 Echoes Studio 1
2007 If You Gotta Go...Stay:The B-Sides + Collection 113
2007 Positive Emergency Studio 10
2007 It Won't Be Long Now Studio 9
2007 It Won't Be Long Now:The B-Sides + Collection 42
2008 Lovers And Other Strangers Studio 2
2008 Lovers And Other Strangers:The B-Sides + Compilation 8
2008 No Pressure:The B-Sides + Compilation 59
2008 It Ain't Easy:The B-Sides + Compilation 11
2008 Illeagal Music : Volume 2 Studio 6