Ah Hell Nah
Single by
upcoming album
Lead Vocals: Vancouvera Canadius, Sydnee Melbourn-Austral

Background vocals: Head Haters In Charge
Written by: Ontarion Canadius, Vancouvera Canadius, Austin Saxet

Produced by: Ontarion Canadius, Paulo Sao de Rio Janier Brailsa
Chart Positions
did not chart (Canada)
Projected peak if it did not reach official chart
#147 (Canada)
Next Single
to be determined

"Ah Hell Nah" is the debut single by multi-national pop group, Head Haters In Charge. The single was released in July 2009. It failed to chart on the Canadian Hot 100. Experts, however, did say that if the singles chart went beyond 100 spots, the single would've peaked at #147.

Chart PositionsEdit

Official ChartsEdit

Country Peak Sales
Canada 147*

An asterisk (*) represents that that would've been the projected peak if the Canadian Hot 100 (in Canada) went beyond 100 spots. The song did not chart within the actual chart itself.

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