Aleia Martins

One of the last adds of Tensodio is Aleia Martins


One of the best keyboards of the new music scene. Her musical talent is as big as her love for the fame.

Like fresh air for the style of Tensodio, her incomming was so successful for the band.


->Birthplace: Chelsea, London City, England (UK)
->Birthdate: 27th January 1984

Music LifeEdit

Born in Chelsea, London City, Aleia's family was soo poor to pay the elitist music school. But her greatness in a street show and her good performance made her win the music school prize.

Still in school she found a band with a friend, named The Stray Recess, and get into the amateur musician world.

After years with low success, and seeing the band as a good but too long training, Aleia wanted to change the mind and gone to the try-outs for Tensodio's female singer. She also plays keyboard. The result was the becoming a new member into the most valuable band in our days.


Aleia Martins has been member of:

The Stray Recess (2001-2008)

Tensodio (2008-?)

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