Anders Björn Svensson (03/31/1978, Gothenburg) is the drummer for metal band Transferium Project. He is known for his hyper-fast footwork.


Anders started playing drums at the age of eight. Before Transferium Project, he played in a black metal band called The Shining. He met Giorgio Galfore when the latter was travelling throught Europe. He joined Transferium Project when Jan De Vries left. Giorgio still had his number and called him to ask if he could do an audition. He "blew us away", as Pauli said. He is the most soft-spoken member of the band.

Anders during the IV: Orion era


Anders (ab)uses the following gear:

  • Pearl drums
  • Paiste cymbals
  • Vic Firth sticks
  • Roland electronics
  • Gibraltar drum rack

Drum kitEdit

Anders recently got a deal with Pearl drums. He now uses a transparent kit.

  • 2x 22" bass drum
  • 8" tom
  • 10" tom
  • 14" tom
  • 16" tom
  • 16x18 floor tom
  • 18x18 floor tom
  • 2x 14" Hi-hat
  • 2x 16" crash
  • 2x 18" crash
  • 22" ride
  • 2x 10" splash
  • 12" splash
  • 20" china
  • 18" china

Anders' new kit



  • He only wrotes lyrics and always co-writes them.
  • He is the only member who is single at the moment.
  • He listens to Swedish bands as In Flames, Soilwork and At The Gates, but also likes folk music groups as the Finnish band Varttina.

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