{{Musical Artist |Box title = Aneurysm |Image file = aneurysm.jpg |Image size = 200px |Row 1 title = Band Name |Row 1 info = Aneurysm |Row 2 title = Members |Row 2 info = Elizabeth Banks - Lead Vocals
Joey Taylor - Guitar
Angel Green - Bass
Chris Dorian - Drums |Row 3 title = Origin |Row 3 info = Exeter, UK |Row 4 title = Genre(s) |Row 4 info = Alt-rock, metal, rock |Row 5 title = Years Active |Row 5 info = 2005 - 2007, 2008- |Row 6 title = Label(s) |Row 6 info = Victory Records
Rejected Records
Alpha Omega Records
Torment Records
Serenade Records
Sound Records
Boslepel Records
New Victory |Row 7 title = Management |Row 7 info = [[Dark Angel Management (2005-2007) CBM 2008 - Present |Row 8 title = External Link |Row 8 info = [1] |Row 9 title = |Row 9 info = |Row 10 title = |Row 10 info = }}

Early DaysEdit

Most people will tell you that Aneurysm were formed after a drunken arm wrestle in the now famous watering-hole, the Lion, in Oxfordshire. However, the roots of Aneurysm go back further than their drinking contests with their friends in M.A.D.

Aneurysm was formed by roommates Corey Jordan and Joey Taylor in a dingy basement in Exeter, playing Iron Maiden covers down their local dive. They soon recruited Chris Dorian on drums and Angel Green on keys.

They were spotted by small-time producer and record label owner, Birdie, who signed them up to his Victory imprint. They released the now unobtainable demo single "Now?" which sold 10,934 copies in the first run. The hype was mainly generated by the cover depicting the 9/11 tragedy.

Their big break came when performing on the Jaded Tour, the British equivalent of the Jaded Tour. After they became notorious for their amazing live shows, their debut album tour became sold out in a matter of weeks. Soon, Birdie had merged his label with Destruction to form Dr/V Records (Later DVI after a merger with Alex Band's Insomnia Records) and M.A.D and Aneurysm were tunneling their way through Britain on a very new wave of British heavy metal.


With the debut album approaching fast and the upcoming tours with bands such as Holden's Rejects and Untitled, the band found themselves thrown into an almost instant fame. Birdie and St. Jimmy, co-founders of Dr/V, were busy signing every good band under the sun and days were attempting to hit them hard.

In October 2006, the album came out, flanked by it's singles: "Cato" and "Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow". The latter was a cover posed as a get well card to Chris, who was shot by an insane fan outside London's Barfly.

They embarked on their World Unity Tour, with dates in the USA and Canada. World was not literal until later on in the band's career.

Sophomore, Trinity, And The RestEdit

Sacred HeartEdit

Sacred Heart, Aneurysm's second album, was released in December 2006 to thousands of baiting fans. The album, a concept drawn from hit show Scrubs, placed Aneurysm at the top of the game with it's catchy tunes and breakthrough singles: "Superman", "Dr. Cox" and "The Janitor's Song".

A week after the album, they released their "Big Jaded Thing", offering a random person the chance to join the band, by holding auditions down the Lion. They picked Drake Todd out of 978 applicants. as a keyboardist, pushing Sarah Green to rhythm guitar.

The album was released on Rejected Records following a massive bust up of DVI, with no confidence array for Birdie and St. Jimmy, Aneurysm left, swiftly followed by Birdie and Aneurysm-MAD friendship was tainted for months to come. It is also recognised as being one of the reasons Jimmy went missing, presumed dead, only to return months later.

Drake Todd, newcomer to the band left afterwards in a big new faith kaboodle and small time songwriter Kerry Richardson joined the band on keys.


Year Title Type High Chart (UK)
2005 Aneurysm Studio 641
2006 Sacred Heart Studio 350
2006 Welcome Home Studio 104
2006 Lose Your Illusion I Studio 24
2007 Crowds Of More Than One Studio 23
2007 Free, Please Take One B-Sides 18
2007 The Eighth Chapter Studio 3
2007 The Garden Wall Studio 19
2007 Sleep Studio 8
2007 Aneurysm II Studio 30
2007 Ice Cream Headaches and Sweet Avalanche Studio 1
2007 My Life In Four Cameras Studio 1
2007 Holding Hope, By The Grace of God Studio 3
2008 Call And Response Studio 22
2008 The Storm Studio n/a

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