Also known as Asshole
Origin Schwerin, Germany
Genre(s) Medieval Folk Metal
Voice type(s) Clean and growls
Years active 2004-now
Label(s) Unsigned
Associated acts Transferium Project
*Johann Schneider
Werner Winkelmann
Felix Lutter
Pauli Schwartz
Hans Müller
Heike Fisher
Kai Hanzen
Boris Krapow
Mikael Von Braun
Henrik Schwartz
B Machina
Annie Schneider
Adolpho Die Gelbe (eng: Adolpho The Yellow)

Joris Der Liebemachine (eng:Joris The Love Machine)

Notable instrument(s)
Bagpipes, Flutes, Violin, Other medieval instruments

Arschloch is a German folk metal band founded in 2007 by Pauli Schwartz. Arschloch started out as the side band of Pauli Schwartz of Transferium Project fame. The band quickly grew larger than Pauli had expected. Pauli is the sole composer of all the music.


  • Johann Schneider - Vocals, cister
  • Werner Winkelmann - Guitars
  • Felix Lutter - Acoustic guitars
  • Pauli Schwartz - Bass, growls
  • Hans Müller - Drums + percussion
  • Heike Fisher - Violin, female vocals
  • Kai Hanzen - Xylophon, harp, nyckelhärpa
  • Boris Krapow - Bagpipes, accordeon, shawms
  • Mikael Von Braun - Bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, yodeling
  • Henrik Schwartz - Bagpipes, lute, percussion
  • B Machina - Zither
  • Annie Schneider - Flutes
  • Adolpho Die Gelbe (eng: Adolpho The Yellow) - Didgeridoos
  • Joris Der Liebemachine (eng:Joris The Love Machine)- Additional drunken screaming and fancy footwork


  • Die Schwartzen Reiter (eng: The Black Knights) - 2007
  • Glücklich Auf Der Welt (eng: Happy On The World) - 2007
  • Das Album Das Johann Strauss Nie Gemacht Hat (eng: The Album That Johann Strauss Never Made) - 2007
  • Nichts Ist Für Dich (eng: Nothing Is For You) - 2007
  • Immer Kommen Wir Wieder (eng: We Always Return) - 2008
  • Wenn Die Seele Schreit (eng: When The Soul Screams) - 2008
  • Ich Kenne Alles (eng: I Know All) - 2008

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