AshleeMichelle Marie Marquart (born Auquest 26,1980) is a American Grammy Award Winning Singer-SongWriter whom gained prominence in the summer of 2005 with her R&B oriented debut album "No Regretz" which even though it did not sell gotten her face and her incredible voice recongize to the world. The Follow up album "Breakout" was released September 5 2006 and sold over 300,000 copies and shown a more gritty side of her. Marquart then debuted a new sound with her new album "Discover The Music" a stonger rock soul to add onto her soulful voice. The Album recived praise and sold double of her previous album selling over 600,000 copies. "Discover The Music" also help Ashlee win her four Grammy Awards and silence credits who try to pan the album. After a brief break Marquart released her 4th album "St. Valentine Masscare" on December 19 2006 and sold over 1 million copies and won her a IMA for best album. After the huge success of her next album "The Rise Of The Phoenix" Marquart took a break from the limelight and began to recived harsh criditism. Marquart is currectly recording a new album and touring around the world to recliam her fame.

Birth Name
AshleeMichelle Marie Marquart
August 26, 1980
Houstan TX
Punk Rock Soul and Pop
Years Active
2005 - Present
Aqua Regia Records (2005-2006) Whiteline Records (2006-2008) Talent Radar Entertainment (2008-present)

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