Attack The System

Attack The System(2)

Perth, Australia
Zack Falsenhome - Lead Vocals
Evan Jay Whibley - Guitar / Vocals
Daniel "Dan" Preach - Bass Guitar
Thomas "Tom" Vash - Drums
Hardcore Punk
Funk Metal
Heavy Metal
Alternative Rock / Metal
Years Active
2007 - Present
Midnight/Mythic Records 2007 - Early 2008
Corporate Punishment Records Early 2008 - Present
Vince Daggers & Suits 2006 - Early 2008
Evil Empire Management Early 2008 - Present

Attack The System (oftenly referenced as A.T.S) is a Hardcore Punk / Rapcore band originating in Perth, Australia, formed in early-2007. The band currently has 4 members: Zack Falsenhome became A.T.S new MC / Lead Vocals in 2008, Evan Jay Guitar & Vocals, former-frontman and most known of all the members, Daniel Preach Bassist of the band, Thomas Vash drummer of the band and probably the the least famous out of all the members.

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