Avenue's & Alleyways
Avenue's Live 2009
Background information
Origin Miami, Florida
Genre(s) Pop/Rock Group,
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Junction Records
Associated acts The Junction, 4th Street Band, Lucy Tyrell
Zach Adams - Lead singer-songwriter,Lead Guitar And Piano
Tom Murray - Bass
Billie Scott - Drums

Avenue's & Alleyways are a pop/rock group consisting of Zach Adams, Tom Murray and Billie Scott. The group is fronted by Zach Adams and although considered a pop group they have many different genre's they have a bit of a poprock edge. Tom Murray and Billie Scott are rarely in the limelight prefering to leave the entertaining to singer-songwriter guitarist Zach Adams. They plan to release their debut album late 2009/early 2010.


Before The Band (2006 - 2008)Edit

Before forming Avenue's & Alleyways Zach Adams played in 2 local bands but didn't have any kind of success with them he was regularly looking for places to perform at. Both Tom Murray and Billie Scott hadn't been in any sort of band but learned their instruments at home.

Beginnings & Debut Album (2009 - present)Edit

The band was formed in early 2009 by Zach Adams and his friends Tom Murray and Billie Scott, they met in Miami and shared a love of music, they decided to form a band after discovering that each of them could play instruments. They got a record deal on October 27th 2009 with Junction Records! they we're signed by Max Armstrong who saw the group playing in Miami and asked them if they would meet up with his band The Junction to have a bit of a jam session in a local studio, after performing together he decided to sign them to his own record label. They plan to release their debut album late 2009/early 2010. They have also announced that the band will do a small world tour in support of their debut album.

Concert ToursEdit

  • 2009: American Road Trip
  • 2010: Everything In Moderation World Tour


Main article: Avenue's & Alleyways Singles


Awards & NominationsEdit

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