Bassic Rhythm


Westport, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Grunge, Indie, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Years Active
Chad Badzich: Vocals/Bass
Kaye Richards: Guitar
Crash Symbol: Drums
Ben Obee: Vocals/Guitar
Elan Schwaz: Guitar
None Released
Most Recent Single
None Released
Associated Acts

Bassic Rhythm was created by founding member Chad Badzich on February 7, 2007 in Westport, Washington as a Nirvana cover band. They later developed into a grunge band after relocating to Seattle, Washington. Currently no albums have been released.

Band HistoryEdit


Chad Badzich joined Gametogenocide on February 7, 2007 in Westport, Washington. Badzich was searching for members interested in a Nirvana cover band, when Ben Obee and Elan Schwaz invited Badzich to join their band via phone. Badzich invited friend and drummer Crash Symbol to join the band soon after. The original set-up included Ben Obee on vocals/rhythm guitar, Elan Schwaz on lead guitar, Chad Badzich on bass, and Crash Symbol on drums. The group would practice in Obee's downstairs at first, moving into Symbol's basement or in the local highschool band room (which Badzich and Symbol attended) later. The band originally went by the name Gametogenocide, tagged by Obee. In June 2007, however, Obee left the band for personal reasons. Schwaz soon followed, leaving Badzich and Symbol as the only remaining members. The two took to practicing without a guitarist, and Badzich took to vocals.

Break-up and ReformationEdit

After the breakup of Gametogenocide, Badzich and Symbol relocated to Seattle, Washington during the summer of 2007. While in Seattle, Badzich took to frequenting the local underground music scene and began work as a part-time janitor while attending college. Symbol took to work as a mechanic, and the two stopped practicing together. While at an underground gig for the band Ear-Rat-Tick, Badzich was introduced to Kaye Richards. Badzich learned that Richards played guitar and shared an interest in Nirvana's music. He invited her to get together some time to jam, and Richards accepted. Badzich got back in touch with Symbol, and the three began practicing in Richards' uncle's basement. Before long, the group began performing at small gigs under the name Bassic Rhythm. The group covered songs such as "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Something In The Way", "Sliver", "Drain You", "Do Re Mi", and "About A Girl". Bassic Rhythm became a big hit and frequented local coffee shops. The band is currently writing their own music; mostly the work of Badzich. Performed pieces such as "Empty", "Sad Eyes", and "Mr. Lonely" have been well-liked by local critics. The band is scheduled to open at a concert with material of their own, along with a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

Indie EraEdit

From the start of their musical career until presently, Bassic Rhythm is independent and has not accepted any record deals. The band currently is trying to raise enough money for the airfare to Cardiff, Wales for the AFTERMATH! Festival. Their playing schedule is available at their Band Website. Bassic Rhythm will also be opening for Super Highway Techno Buddha on June 6, 2008 at their concert in Marymoor Park, Washington.

Musical Style and InfluencesEdit

Bassic Rhythm began with a heavy grunge sound, which is evident in their earliest work. Starting as a cover band of Nirvana, the work of Kurt Cobain plays heavily on Badzich's songwriting style. Songs such as "Empty" and "Untitled" use the soft-verse, hard-chorus style favored by Nirvana. Other influences include Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Screaming Trees, Sonic Youth, Flipper, The Foo Fighters, Queen, The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, and David Bowie. Badzich refers often emptiness, self-hate, and broken-heartedness in his lyrics, which are often difficult to interpret.


Original MembersEdit

  • Chad Badzich - Bass (2007-Present)
  • Crash Symbol - Drums (2007-Present)
  • Ben Obee - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar (2007)
  • Elan Schwaz - Lead Guitar (2007)

Current MembersEdit


Bassic Rhythm currently has not released any albums.

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