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Batteries Not Included
Other names
London, England
Bill Lyndon, Mike Richards, Frank Wright, James Hammett
Alternative, Punk, Metal
Years active
Jellyfish Records 2008

B.N.I., or Batteries Not Included, is a punk-rock band from London, England. They have released eight singles and multiple albums to date. The band have recently disappeared and the very mention of their name is a taboo.

Early HistoryEdit

B.N.I. started in 2003 when Bill Lyndon, Mike Richards, and Frank Wright were 18, they had been a band since 1999 but began producing records in 03. Bill and Mike met at age 4 in preschool, their fathers played in a band together, they met Frank at age 12. When they were 14 they began writing songs together and in 2003 got signed to a local label, in 2008 they were signed to Jellyfish, and are now working on a new album.

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