Bella B
Background information
Origin CA, USA
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Years active 2007 - Present
Label(s) Metamorphosis Records
Bella Taojia
Alexi Pathia
Peter Sarta
Hector Sarta

Bella B is an alternative and gothic rock group from California, USA. Bella B was founded in 2007 by the bands lead singer Bella Taojia and lead guitarist Alexi Pathia. The bands name is derived, of course from its lead singers first name, which in her native Italian means 'beautiful".


Bella B was founded in 2007 by singer/pianist Bella Taojia and singer/guitarist Alexi Pathia. The two met at a birthday party thrown for Taojia's friend Peter Sarta. Pathia was already friends with older brother Hector Sarta when he was introduced to Taojia. Pathia fell in love with Taojia's voice after hearing her sing during the party. The pair hit it off. Already a talented guitarist, Pathia convinced Taojia to become the lead singer in a band he wished to form. After some gentle goading, Taojia agreed. Hector Sarta who had already signed on to the band Pathia was going to form, quickly persuaded his brother to join in as the bands bass player. The groups first songs together were You'll Never Be Forgiven, Don't Say Goodbye both written by Taojia, and Promise Made, Promises Broken written by Pathia.

Success and FailureEdit

In mid 2007, the band released its first single You'll Never be Forgiven to the underground audience. The release garnered them a small local audience and some air time on a local radio station. The bands first album release entitled It's All For You allowed the band to reach a larger audience but true success remained alusive. Five more single releases and two more album releases would follow until the group took a hiatus at the beginning of 2008 to write some new material and work on some personal issues.

Return of the BandEdit

Returning in late 2008, Bella B immediately set to work putting together a new single. Recently, Bella B is signed to the Metamorphosis Records Label and released their first single under that label entitled Block Out the Sun. The band is now working on an album which will be released in 2009. With an ever evolving sound, Bella B has exploded onto the singles charts with their first label single, coming at #38. The remixed version of Block Out the Sun went even higher on the charts, hitting #20 in the UK, #12 in the USA, and #32 in Europe. The band has picked up several more regions and has high hopes that their upcoming album release will do even better not only in its former regions but in the new ones as well.

Personal issues for lead singer Bella, put the band on a hiatus. In November of 2009, the band came together again and began practicing and performing. No new singles have been released, but the band is looking forward to getting back into the studio soon.

Update: Bella B is once again in the studio recording the first track for their new album. The single is entitled Bring Down the Flames.


Bella Taojia - Lead Vocals, Piano
Alexi Pathia - Backup Vocals/Lead Guitar
Peter Sarta- Bass
Hector Sarta- Drums



It's All For You (8/5/2007)
Enticement (9/21/2007)
Taste of Your Lips (10/11/2007)


You'll Never Be Forgiven (7/27/2007)
Bleeding Roses (8/1/2007)
Follow Your Heart (8/4/2007)
Requiem for Love (9/10/2007)
Can't Control You (9/29/2007)
Taste of Your Lips(Live) (10/20/2008)
Block Out the Sun (10/30/2008)

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