Betrayal Of Mankind
Studio album by Hostile Takeover
Released November 11, 2008
Recorded October-November 2008
Genre Heavy Metal
Length 57:06
Language English
Label Pegasus Records
Producer Dan Santana
Hostile Takeover chronology
The Dark Room Betrayal Of Mankind Terms Of Entrapment

Betrayal Of Mankind is the ninth full-length album from Orange, CA Heavy Metal band Hostile Takeover. According to vocalist Ron Stone, "Betrayal Of Mankind is a concept album illustrating a tale of an elected leader who dooms the world to its end solely for the purposes of his own agenda. At the end, he realizes what he has done yet has become to corrupt to care about the fate of mankind."

Chart SuccessEdit

Betrayal Of Mankind entered the Billboard 200 at #15 and reached a Peak Position of #12.

Track listingEdit

1. "Betrayal Of Mankind"
2. "You Are My Poison"
3. "Trust"
4. "The Last To Care"
5. "Do Go Gently Into That Good Nightmare"
6. "Before Daylight"
7. "Felony"
8. "Conviction"
9. "Strike"
10. "Catharsis"

Album CreditsEdit

Ron Stone - Vocals/Lyrics
Tyler Isabel - Lead Guitar
James Beam - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Hunt - Bass Guitar
Seymour Buttz - Drums

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