Black Kiss
Black Kiss
Genre Music, Talk
Running time 1 hour (including commercials)
Country Japan
Languages English
Starring mitsuko
Reina Asai
Creators Yumi Takahashi
Air dates July 27, 2009
No. of series 1
Opening theme "Black Kiss" by mitsuko

Black Kiss is a bi-weekly radio show based within Tokyo, Japan and hosted by Japanese pop icon, mitsuko. The show is funded and run by the Urban Kiss company. The show's main goal is to help artists promote their releases to the Asian market. Artists who are attempting to break into the Asian market and artists who are already established in Asia are expected to be making appearances on the radio show.

The show airs every other Monday, and will debut on July 27, 2009.


Episode Date Guest Promoting
Season 1
1 July 27, 2009 Hitomi Hayashi love: undercover
2 August 9, 2009 Kirei Second studio album
3 August 24, 2009 Angel Le Fierce Sex Evolution (Dance Interlude)
4 September 7, 2009 Maria Mizuki HYSTERIA

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