Blackened Path to Destruction
Technical Death Metal
The Black Gates
Sovereign Studios, Perth, Australia

Blackened Path to Destruction is the debut album by UK based progressive metallers The Black Gates. It was first released in 1995 only in Australia, peaking at 310. The band later re-released the album to the rest of the world this year.

The record would set the standards for the fledgling Australian underground metal scene. It contained the brilliant lead track 'Ghost of Vesuvius', which has been a crowd favourite in the bands live set ever since. The album starts strongly but is let down by the end with a rather generic and uninspired 'Shredding Away all Reason' and 'Inconsolable'. Still, it marked a big improvement in the bands technique over the course of their short history and would pave the way for future metal acts who cited the record as an influence.

Track listingEdit

Lyrics by Rick Fisher, Arrangements Rick Fisher and Jack Fisher.

  1. "Ghost of Vesuvius"
  2. "A Life Worth Betraying"
  3. "Blackened Path to Destruction" –
  4. "The Dawn Shall Weep"
  5. "Deadly Intent"
  6. "Worship the Lies"
  7. "Implacable Destroyer"
  8. "Consumed by the Desert"
  9. "Shredding Away all Reason"
  10. "Inconsolable"

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