This will be the first album with a whole new band. We wanted to start over with a bang. Do something fucked up and crazy. We decided to do Some cover songs which will be Kittie's " Funeral For Yesterday" Motorhead's " Eat The Rich" The Misfits" Dig Up Her Bones" And Guns N Roses " Oh My God" we still don't know which ones will make it.

Confirmed Track Listing Edit

Dead Hollywood
Bleeding From The Meat Hook Abortion
Her Scream Made Us *** Blood
Dead Inside Eyes
Motion Triggered Panic Attacks
Maggots Feast on Her Eyes


Crusin For A Mother Fuckin Brusin
Screwed, Fucked, Shit Outta Luck!
Louisville Slugger Beat down
Born with a bloody knife in hand
Making her scream is a ploy to kill her
The machine bleeds
Shallow Grave full of zombies
Fuck the fuck off!!
Brass Knuckle Make Out Session
Busting My Balls
Knife Fight In The Dark


   Bobby Zombie - Guitar
   Kristina Reljic - Guitar 
   Karenna Reyes(Tour) - Vocals 
   Katen van Mouschi - Vocals 
   Jessy Griffin - Bass 
   Samantha Kerry - Drums 
   Nykia McNamara - Drums

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