Bohater Werteryczny

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5th December
Psychedelic Rock
John's StuDio
Tony Visconti

The single is named "Bohater Werteryczny" (eng. "The Wertheric Hero"). This is the first single released from third longplay. On that single there is no videos. It is one of two singles released for third PsYchodelia's longplay.

About Single Edit

Date of release is 5th December 2009. It include one true single track and two b-sides tracks. It was released by John's StuDio. The producer of this single is Tony Visconti. That single is released by new studio. This single includes songs with sad lyrics and strange voices and it seems like PsYchodelia wants to do something new. It is just a one single so lets hear the album.

Track Listing Edit

  • Single - "Bohater Werteryczny" (eng. "The Wertheric Hero") 2:30
  • 1 B-Side - "Agresywnie, Pozytywnie" (eng. "Aggressively, Positively") 3:09
  • 2 B-Side - "Zakop Mnie" (eng. "Bury Me") 2:31

Videos Edit


Charts Edit

Europe Edit

Total Sales: 200,610

High Chart: 28

Aus & NZ  Edit

Total Sales: 170,142

High Chart: 51

South America Edit

Total Sales: 96,367

High Chart: 107

Asia Edit

Total Sales: 103,262

High Chart: 103

USA Edit

Total Sales: 128,286

High Chart: 140

World Edit

Total Sales: 698,667

High Chart: 121

Charts best "40"Edit

On Sunday 6th of December, the single "Bohater Werteryczny" (eng. "The Wertheric Hero") was in "40" on european charts (28th place).

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