Brad Sanderson
Background information
Birth name Brad Sanderson
Born July 27, 1987 (Age 22)
Origin Long Branch, New Jersey
Genre(s) Rock, Heartland Rock, Folk Rock
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Instrument(s) Fender Telecaster
Years active 2010 - present
Label(s) Junction Records
Associated acts The Junction, 4th Street Band,

Brad Sanderson is an American Singer-Songwriter signed to Junction Records, His debut album is expected to be released in November 2010. He was born and raised in New Jersey and is seen as a hero in his hometown. His plan is to tour before the release of his debut album to gain interest and he will be doing a world tour in support of his debut album in 2011, it has also been speculated that he could tour with 4th Street Band and The Junction in the future.


Early Years (1987 - 2005)Edit

He was born in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1987 to Mary and Joe, he has an older brother John and two older sisters Janie and Lucy, his brother is a builder following in his fathers footsteps, Janie is a waitress and Lucy teaches Music History at a local New Jersey College. His father is a retired builder and his mother was a stay at home wife. He was a popular student in his early years at school but when he started highschool he surrounded himself with a close group of friends which he is still very close to, he wasn't a grade a student but he worked hard at school and managed to get good grades when he left at the age of 16. He never had the greatest relationship with his father during his teen years regularly arguing mostly about the length of his hair it was during this time that he started to write music and start to focus on having a music career. He started out with a band straight after he left school touring local places in Jersey, he then moved to New York which only lasted 6 months. He hasn't been in many relationships, his first was at the age of 16 when he dated a girl called Sarah for 9 months, his only other relationship was with a girl called Hayley at 17 which lasted 2 years. His mother died in 2004 when he was 17 and he struggled to cope with the loss because it was the first time he had ever had to deal with death. He's never taken drugs and rarely drinks alcohol.

Struggling Musician (2005 - 2009)Edit

In 2005 he started to tour regularly around america with his band but struggled to get a break he was struggling financially and was living in a small rundown building in New Jersey with his friends and bandmates, he stopped touring from 2006 to 2008 because he couldn't maintain a living in a music career at the time. He then got himself a job in a local record store because of his music knowledge he stayed in the job until 2008 and his life changed because he know had enough money to create a life for himself which he couldn't do when he was touring. He could now rent a nice apartment in New Jersey and work on his music career. In 2009 he was spotted by fellow New Jersey musician Max Armstrong who offered Brad the chance to sign for Junction Records, he final got his big break.

Breakthrough (2010 - present)Edit

2010 is set to be the breakthrough year for Brad Sanderson with touring and the release of his debut album in late 2010. On 6th January he encouraged people to chip in with idea's for the title of his debut album as he was struggling to make a decision on the album title, He later decided to name the album Everyday America. His first single Jersey Streets was released on 24th January 2010 in the USA and peaked at 44 in the USA charts. He also announced his engagement to his girlfriend Alicia Reid in January and plan to marry in April 2010. He announced that the second single 4th Of July (Memories) will be released on 4th July 2010. He also raised money for the hope for haiti charity.

Personal LifeEdit

He has stated in an interview that he prefers his personal life to be kept personal but has said that he understand that his personal life will be talked about in the press and that this kind of interest comes with the job. He started dating an Australian fashion designer called Alicia Reid in October 2008 and they got engaged in January 2010 and plan to get married in April 2010. He is good friends with both Max Armstrong and his girlfriend Juliette Moore and both couples have been seen out together in New York and New Jersey.

Charity WorkEdit

He has been heavily involved in charity work mainly New Jersey based charities, his most notable charity work was in January 2010 when he gave $1 million to the hope for haiti charity and also offered to perform at any haiti benefit concerts, he also said that he will donate all money received from his debut single to the hope for haiti charity. He regularly donates to food banks in New Jersey and has been highly influential in helping charitys in both New Jersey and New York City.



Studio AlbumsEdit

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