Brandish your Knife is a funk metal/grunge band from Piteå,Sweden most noted for controversial songs such as Bastard Child and Dictation.

Brandish your Knife


Grunge, Funk Metal, Alternative Rock, "Rättfärdig rock", Rapcore
Years Active
Band Members
Vladimir Czajkowski, Johan Sameulson, Andriy Sameulson, Ansgar "Norseman" Nystrom
Other members
Kirklyn Aanes, Karleigh Cronberg, Adriel-Abner Zacharia, Gary Jefferson-Robbie, Dyre Aanes, Konstatin Pihl
Former Members
Robert Davies, Harry the Bloodhound, Ludo Martins
Rekordfirma van Mouschi

Formation Edit

The band started in 1989, when guitarist Johan Samuelson and his brother ,bassist Andriy Samuelson formed a funk metal duo called Förstöra (Destroy). They soon found themselves looking for other band members and started auditions to find a singer and a drummer. There first singer they chose for the newly formed Annan Siden (The other side), was Alban Grönberg and their drummer was former Helvete drummer, Hasse Aas. The band was soon kicked out of the Piteå music school for rebellious lyrics and gestures during performances.

Early Career Edit

Breakup of Annan Siden Edit

Annan Siden soon got lots of bookings, but because of arguments between pay between the manager and Grönberg Annan Siden was forced to break up and Aas then also quit the band.

Brandish your Knife Edit

The Samuelson brothers then auditioned again for band members all over Europe under the name Delande din Kniv (Brandish your Knife). Former Spirit and Fall member Vladimir Czajkowski was not originally the first choice of singer, but because first-choice Pedro Gonzalez died in an aeroplane crash,Czajkowski was made the singer. Ludo Martins was made the drummer.

Welcome to the darkside era Edit

In there first single, they had a dark, eerie image using face paints to whiten their face and using long robes to heighten the mystery around them. However, Martins didn't like this image and soon fell out with the band due to his religious commitments. The next drummer, famous Killing spree drummer Harry the Bloodhound got kicked out of the band because of assaulting the crowd during gigs. Their next drummer Ansgar Nystrom was to remain until the current date. The era was to come to end once Sea of the 9th Dimension was released and they would create a genre called Rättfärdig.

Rättfärdig Edit

At the end of 1995, the band decided to mix "a bit of Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and RATM to create something funky, yet not too old" in the words of Johann. Their first Rättfärdig album was named amateur hour and was a sucess in Europe, although it flopped everywhere else. There was, however, a scandal that Ansgar had robbed a bank at the time, but that was proved a hoax.

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