Brian Richards
Brian at the Roxy in Jan 2010
Background information
Birth name Brian Richards
Born 29th July 1990
Origin Red Bank, New Jerset
Genre(s) Rock
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Instrument(s) Gibson Les Paul Guitar
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Junction Records
Associated acts Thunder Road, 4th Street Band

Brian Richards is the lead singer-songwriter of the American Rock Band Thunder Road. He formed Thunder Road in the summer of 2009 and they were signed in early 2010 by Junction Records owner Max Armstrong who is also from New Jersey. He said on an online chat for Rocker Magazine that he hopes Thunder Road stay together for the whole of his career. Thunder Road's debut album is expected to be released sometime in 2011.


Youth & Teen YearsEdit

He was born on 29th July 1990 in Red Bank, New Jersey to a construction worker father and to a stay at home mother. He has no other siblings and says that he thinks that's a reason for why he found it so difficult to bond with people "People with Brothers or Sisters have it easier because they have someone they bond with over the years with me I was an only child and the only people I knew was my Mother & Father, So I think small things like that contribute to my lack of confidence." He struggled with making friends all the way through his school years and especially when he was a teenager, "I'd spend a lot of time listening to music growing up and not really talking to anybody else and you get to that age when you watch your parents kinda figure out somethings weird, you know what I mean, But somethings not weird too as you get older it's a blending." He spent most of his youth in his room and he often fell out with his parents "I'd row with my mum or my dad about the most pointless issue's like length of my hair or the kinda clothes I would wear and I'd have a massive row with one of my parents ususally my mother and after the row I'd go up to my room put on a record and sit on my bed and look out of the window and I'd just dream about leaving the small town I grew up in and moving somewhere where I felt comfortable".

Career & MusicEdit

After leaving highschool he had a number of different dead end jobs which never lasted very long, jobs from flyer distributer to shelf stacker at a local supermarket. He decided to form a band in early 2009 and his band got a record deal in early 2010 he says "Getting a record deal so soon after we formed probably made people dislike us more but you know what, we've got this great opportunity in front of us to try and become one of the great rock bands." Thunder Road are set to release their debut album in the near future but they've said they're gonna tour a lot before they release their debut album.

Other ProjectsEdit

He said he wants to broaden his opportunity's in music and he wants to tour and record solo material and he said he's also interested in possibly having some side project bands. He also wants to become involved in the technical side of music and he says he would love to produce albums. As a writer he says he writes short stories and has always been interested in writing a novel and filmscript.

Personal LifeEdit

He keeps his personal life quiet and says he's still the uncomfortable shy teenager when it comes to meeting people he wouldn't usually meet. "I can talk to people much better than when I was younger but It's still something I need to work on, for example if I'm talking with a group of friends and the subject turns to something like relationships and your private life then I tend to clam up but when I'm with friends and we're talking about music then you just can't shut me up." As of March 2010 he is single "I don't really abide with the Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll thing, I don't have any problems with anything like that but I don't do drugs and I keep what I do in the bedroom private". As of 2010 he still lives in Red Bank, New Jersey on the same street he grew up on. He has been best friends with Chelsea Cameron since he was 17, She is a British photographer who divide's her time between New York and London, She comes from a very wealthy british family.


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