Carry You Home (Madness For Mayhem)
Carry You Home (Madness For Robobik)


24th November 2007
5th March 2008
Pop, madcore
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"Carry You Home (Madness For Mayhem)" and "Carry You Home (Madness For Robobik)" were two similar singles, released by British band Moronic Changeling, for charity. The song was pretty much the same (with modified words for Bikki's version), but the people performing it were different.


Madness For MayhemEdit

  1. Carry You Home (Madness For Mayhem - tKc & CBM mix)
  2. Breakdown
  3. There's Something About Madness

Madness For RobobikEdit

  1. Carry You Home (Madness For Robobik)
  2. Mong
  3. Rayne's Song

Moronic Changeling (edit)
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