Cassadee Lily Pope (born 25th September 1991) is an English singer and model from Camden, London. Raised by her mother and father who had moved from the Isle Of Man, she left school at 16 to become a model for clothing companys such as babycakes and drop dead. In 2009 she became more noicted for her amazing singing voice and made a demo ep that was a hit around the area. She is now in Secondhand Suicide, with her boyfriend Kieran Marks, the couple have been dating since July 2009.

Biography Edit

Cassadee Pope was born in 1991 in Ramsey, Isle Of Man, but very parents migrated to England when she was two years old. Her father was a lawyer and her mother worked as a secutary, this gave her family alot of money, and Cassadee was given whatever she wanted. When she was 15, she was offered a modeling contract for top-shop, this then lead to her becoming extremly popular and going to every party in the local area of Camden, this effected her school grades but her parents wanted her to follow her dream of becoming a model, and allowed her to leave school when she was 16. Soon after she was out of school, Paul Griffes of Babycakes clothes offered her a contract to model for the next range of Babycakes clothes. This lead to her becoming on of the famous young models, with everything happening around her she decieded that she wanted to form a band, which she did with a few close friends, although the band didn't last long, people had noicted her singing voice, and how she could be the vocalist of the next big pop punk band. While at a babycakes showcase, she was introduced to Kieran Marks who had seen her modeling pictures and wanted to get to know her better. After pictures of the two kissing outside of Marks' apartment were published in September 2009, they admited that they had been dating since July 2009. Cassadee models merchindise for The Verdict Is Vengeance, We Shot The Stars and Counting Down To Yesterday, and has started to design clothes along side Kieran, and rumours that the couple are going to release their own fashion line seem true. She is lead vocalist for band Secondhand Suicide alongside Kieran, and they two are in the middle of writing their debut album together.

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