Casting Thin Shadows

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RR, North Carolina
Death Metal(early days)
Goth Rock
Years Active
Regan Futrell(Lead Singer, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Programing), Preacher Alan Kidd(Drums), Pastor Dante Holmes(Bassist, Cello), Deacon Marcy Smith(Rythm Guitar), Elder Luna Star(Keyboards/Synth)
Former Members
John Smith(Lead Guitar), Sinca Monte(Drums), Paul Reeves

Band HistoryEdit

Casting Thin Shadows is a American Goth Band. The band formed in 2007 after Regan and John met at a Smashing Pumpkins concert and then Johns brother wanted to be in a band; Marcy Smith was added and Marcy was involved in a realtionship with keyboardist Luna Star at the time. Luna had a friend who had a brother who wanted to drum for a band b the name of Sinca Monte and Dante Holmes was a good friend of Regans he also wanted to play in a band. The band have reales 10 studio albums; selling well over 19 million records worldwide! Sinca drumed for every album until after Everything & Nothing. He was fired due to his addiction to drugs. Marcy played guitar until Fate, Faith, Fatality. He left the band due to wanting to spend time with his new married wife and may one day return to the band.

In March 2008 it was annouced that Paul Reeves would leave the band to reunite with Fear, John Smith would leave to focus on In The Arms Of Sleep and because of an arguement him and Regan got into and Luna Star would leave to focus on a solo career. The band is now just Regan, Alan and Dante. The trio are at hard work on album eleven.

On March 28th 2008 it was annouced the new album has been completed and mixed. The band are just waiting to get the artwork done and will soon begin to tour.
The new album Requiem has been realesed. The band are on a world tour right now in support of the album.

The band finished up a world tour and have been at hard work on album number 12 which is to be out on June 24th. The album is titled "One Funeral A Maketh" and has the return of Marcy Smith on the album.
The band embarked on a "One City A Maketh" World tour with DeathandtheFiend, Billy Maddison, and The Paramedics. On the tour former keyboardist Luna Star returned to the band. Regan has tried getting John Smith to rejoin but John has rejected claiming he likes where he is at and how he can do things with his band In The Arms Of Sleep.
Now the band is on once again another hiatus. Regan is touring with A Static Theory, Alan is touring with A Static Theory, Marcy is going to be Paul Reeves guitarist live for his solo tour, Luna is trying to get a solo album started, and Dante is taking a break. It has been said that the band will return at the IMA's and that they will start work on a 13th album.

The band released it's 13th and final album titled Translations. A world tour was done and afterwards so was a greatest hits tour. 5 months of inactivity Regan finally posted on his website that the band was over with. He has now formed a new band called Quarantine with Alan also the website has been closed down.



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