Years Active
Eric Poison - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals (1982-Present)
Paul Carr - Bass Guitar/Vocals (1982-Present)
Mick Fury - Drums/Vocals (1982-Present)
Former Members
Brent Vincent - Lead Guitar (1982-1984)
Los Angeles, California
Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
Midnight Records - (1982-1983)
Assosciated Acts

Chikara is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Formed in January of 1982, Chikara have released so far four singles and two studio albums, with a third one on the way. Chikara was formed by original members Eric Poison, Paul Carr, and Brent Vincent. They added the studio drummer Mick Fury soon after. Since then, Brent Vincent has left with no official replacement named yet. They are said to have popularized the hair metal scene of the 80's although they nowhere near dressed as outlandishly as some of the other bands might've.


Eric Mueller had just joined a band named The Sunset Sinners, a local hard rock band who specialized in covers. He was rhythm guitarist and singer for the band until they soon ended their career in November of that year.
Paul Carr meanwhile had just quit a band named Stallion, Carr was the bassist and primary songwriter for the band and several songs he wrote while in Stallion have made it onto some Chikara albums.
Brent Vincent however, was not in any band of any sort. He mostly just jammed with friends, including Carr, who was his neighbor.
Mick Fury had just moved to the country from Germany, born under the name Michael Furies, Mick immediately shortned the name and it stuck ever since. Already learning English, Mick had mostly been a session drummer for local bands.

Meeting Of The MindsEdit

In January of 1981, Mueller and Carr met for the first time at a party, they got along quickly and soon both agreed to join a band together. Almost immediately they started writing songs together, Carr brought in his neighbor Brent Vincent to see if he'd fit in, and he did right away. The trio wrote the songs that would end up on the first album and some for the next album. At this time Paul went out searching for a drummer and found Mick, he fit in well also and soon joined the band. It was at this time that the band started to think of names, Eric thought of the name Red Poison but soon discarded that idea, adopting the Poison name for himself. Other names were thrown around, Liquid Cube, Angel, but Fury soon came up with the name Chikara, Japanese for "power." The name was well-liked by the boys as they settled on the name, they also soon developed a catchphrase, being "feel the power."

Club Days & CreaturesEdit

The year was 1982 and Chikara was on the prowl to become the biggest band in the world, they quickly started playing the local clubs and gained a generally positive review with their live show. They were soon signed onto the bill for the band Rest in Peace's 'Smash Your Head Tour' it was here where they met their friends FAthOm. Chikara also signed with Midnight/Mythic Records and they released their first record, called Creatures Of The Night, Creatures stalled on the charts along with its two singles. Chikara started to build a good-sized fanbase as they soon were on their way to superstardom.

Lick It Up & HiatusEdit

The band immediately headed into the studio to start cutting tracks for a second studio album, called Lick It Up. The album was released to a greater reaction from critics as it soared to #75 on the charts, still, Poison, Carr, and Fury were not happy with the album's success. Nor were they happy with Lead Guitarist Brent Vincent. Vincent had started to not show up to rehearsels and recording sessions and it was soon rumoured he was heading to another band, Vincent in an interview with his bandmates said "No Comment." when asked if he was leaving. www.chikara-online-com soon announced Vincent's departure as the band started looking for a new lead guitarist. Mick Fury was also seen in rehab facilities for drug and alcohol addictions, with a new album in the works, Chikara took a hiatus from the public eye for awhile as they trudged away at the new album.


Chikara returned in October of 1984 with a new album called Animalize, featuring a new lead guitarist 'Izzy Sparks' and one major hit single 'Heaven's On Fire'. Chikara hit the road with an extensive tour of North America and in Europe, the band then did their very first tour of Japan, which was met with lackluster ticket sales. With Animalize being the band's first album to debut in the Top 10, Chikara solidified themselves as a top band in the world. As of March of 1985, Chikara had taken a hiatus but have since announced to perform at the upcoming Aftermath festival, a future club tour is rumoured dubbed "Escape From The Studio '85." Chikara are currently looking for management.



1982 - Creatures Of The Night
1982 - I Love It Loud
1983 - Lick It Up
1983 - All Hell's Breaking Loose
1984 - Heaven's On Fire
1985 - Thrills In The Night


1982 - Creatures Of The Night
1983 - Lick It Up
1984 - Animalize


Current MembersEdit

Eric Poison - Rhythm Guitar - Lead Vocals (1981-Present)
Paul Carr - Bass Guitar - Lead Vocals (1981-Present)
Mick Fury - Drums - Back. Vocals (1981-Present)
Izzy Sparks - Lead Guitar - Back. Vocals (1984-Present)

Former MembersEdit

Brent Vincent - Lead Guitar (1982-1984)

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