July 12, 1984 (age 23)
Alternative rock, progressive metal, melodic death metal.
Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer
Vocals, Guitar
Years Active
2005 - present
Midnight/Mythic Records (2005 - 2007)
Talent Radar Entertainment (2008)
Associated Acts

Clash (true name still unknown, born on July 12, 1984) is an Italian musician and producer, best known as the current lead vocalist/lead guitar player and principal songwriter of alternative metal band Axotalic. He is known for his love of experimentation, even changing radically the music he's playing. He's got a distinctive low pitched vocal style that he alternates with growl or even screams.


He started with Axotalic since its inception in 2005, being known as "Matt" (he stated sometimes that the fact that he named himself Matt for that period doesn't mean that his name is Matt. He used that name just because the bass player and the rhythm guitar player were known as Jeff and Lita, so they suggested to pick Matt, so they can have the names of the three wrestlers that formed the stable of the Hardy Boyz in WWE).

He always took lead guitar duties and during the Black Fire period he used only harsh vocals. During the progression of the career (especially with their Panic Attacks album) he developed an interest of using growl vocals and had some lessons to learn it. He first used growl vocals in their 2008 album Blizzard.


Electric GuitarsEdit

  • Two Jackson King V
  • One Gibson SG
  • One Fender Stratocaster

Acoustic GuitarsEdit

  • Three Ovation Elite 1778 LX


  • Laney GH100L with cabinet
  • Laney VC100
  • Laney VC30


  • He served Axotalic as the principal songwriter. Since the Panic Attacks series he wrote all the song. This trend ended with their latest album Blizzard with the song "Virus Damnatae" that was written by rhythm guitarist Claudio Smiths and bass player Sara Cammarata.
  • He will marry Giulia, a girl he met during his high school years, "very very soon" as he said. No date is actually known.

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