Clear Vision are an Alternative rock band from San Diego, California. The band was formed by singer Blaine Johnson, former guitarist Michael Lenti (now of Castaway), bassist Rob Masovic jr., and drummer Tim Kemp.� Lenti left the band in early 2010, due to his tension with Johnson, which resulted in a fight. Shortly afterward, Johnson was about to jump off a fifth-story, hotel room balcony. He didn't because Lenti dissuaded him.


The members of Clear Vision all grew up in Fontana, California, a suburb in San Diego. Fontana was a poor neighborhood, so the members had very little to perform with. Blaine's parents, however, had won the lottery for $350,000. Being an only child, his parents placed a great percentage of the profit into his trust fund. He took the money to start producing Clear Vision's demos, instruments, and to have his name as a producer for the band's debut record It's Only Time. He was an only child, and his father was an accountant, and his mother was a telemarketer.

Lenti grew up with his father, a truck driver, and his mother, a nurse. He had five siblings, Three older sisters, one older brother, and one younger brother. His family was surprisingly still middle school. However, Lenti's father died of a stroke when he was at the age of 15, and so Lenti never made it to college. His best friend, Tim, lived with his family at one point.

Rob Masovic jr. was born to Slovakian immigrants. His father was a computer programmer, and his mother was a doctor. Masovic was fairly wealthy, in comparison to his bandmates growing up, thus having caused some tension in the beginning of the band's formation.

Tim Kemp was originally born Christopher Marcus Kemp, but was nicknamed Tim, due to hair being similar to that of Tim Burton. His father divorced his mother when Tim was 3, and he never saw his father after the divorce. His mother died when he was 9, so Tim lived with his grandma. She too died when Tim was 12, so Tim moved in with his best friend Michael's house. When Michael's father died, Tim left to live with random people he met, feeling that he was responsible somehow as a curse to all the people dying. Tim eventually moved into his counselor's apartment complex when he was 17. He considered his counselor family.


It took a while for the band to gain success but they manage to do so. The band's first single, "First Impressions of the Man Next Door" was a commercial failure. The band lost more money then they spent on producing the copies. But, they did garner an audience. The next single, "Hell-O-Ween", proved to be successful. The follow-up, "Dear Jane" continued Clear Vision's success. Then, the band, signed to MTN-Records. This gave the band mainstream attention, and released "(Every Day) The Sun Shines (A Little Bit Less)". With a new garnered audience, the band released another single "Gravity", before releasing their first debut record It's Only Time. The album was successful. The last two singles were "Berlin" and "Why Did You Leave Me?".

With the band's newly found success, they instantly attacked with a follow-up, titled In a Beautiful World. But before that, however, the band released the single "XXX-Mas", a Christmas single featuring a large variety of artists. The band released another charity single titled "Brothers & Sisters", before releasing the first single off their much anticipated follow-up.

The first single, "Man Can Fly", became massively successful worldwide. This led to success for the next single "Humanoid". The band then announced an eight-month world tour, titled The Universal Tour, with the band being opened by The Empire, Reckoner, Mind, We Shot the Stars, and Jakey Comatose. The band then released the last single, "Already Lost", which brought humor to the table, with many making jokes about the title such as "they [Clear Vision] just released the single and it's already lost?"

Then, the band experienced catastophe, as mastermind behind most of the band's music Michael Lenti left the band. He and Blaine Johnson got into a heated debate, which resulted in a fight. When Lenti left, Johnson was set to commited suicide by jumping off a five-story, hotel room balcony. Ironically, it was Lenti who convinced Johnson not to jump.

Lenti left the band and started Castaway. Clear Vision, after a long time, released a surprise third studio album titled Run Down, which is to date, Clear Vision's best selling album. The album featured the band's most successful songs "3am", "Under the Gun", and "Right Beside You".

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