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Track Listing Edit

1. Suga Daddy(Feat.Tisha Jackson)
2. Hypnotic Beat(Feat.Yumi Takahashi)
3. Ecstasy(Feat.Tisha Jackson)
4. L.O.V.E.(Feat.Elle fame)
5. Dance Floor Anthem(Feat.Katie Price)
6. Dance Floor Drama(Feat.Yumi Takahashi)
7. In A Dance Trance(Feat.Elle fame)
8. Confessions Of A Love Junkie(Feat.Yumi Takahashi)
9. I'm Gonna Blow Ya Mind Tonight(Feat.Tisha Jackson)
10.Shake It(Feat.Jessie Pro)

Lyrics by Bobby Zombie/Tokyo POPSTAR!

Singles Edit

L.O.V.E.(Feat.Elle fame) -Released September 24th 2008
Suga Daddy(Feat.Tisha Jackson) -Released October 1st 2008
Dance Floor Anthem(Feat.Katie Price) -Released October 4th 2008
Confessions Of A Love Junkie(Feat.Yumi Takahashi)-Released TBA

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