Track ListingEdit

1. Sex I Need It, I Breathe It, I Love It
2. Out On The Dance Floor Grinding On Ya, Wanting More
3. Sex And New York City
4. I Need A 2 Am Booty Call.. Interested?
5. Drug Me Up, Get Me Drunk & Fuck Me All Night
6. I Can't Slow Down, The City Is Full Of Sexual Boys
7. Partying All Day, Fucking All Night Is What I Live For
8. I Don't Need Help, Stay The Fuck Away !
9. The Sex And Partying Has Caught Up To You
10. Sick,Dying But Still Trying To Act Young Again

Album InformationEdit

Another of bobby's dark albums. The lyrics are crazy, the music is suicidal. This album is the pimp shit.


    Bobby Zombie - Protools

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