Covers: Collection
Studio Compilation by Katie Price
Released 09/30/08
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop
Language English
Label Metamorphosis Records
Producer Katie Price , Peter Andre
Katie Price chronology
Not Just Anybody (Album)
Covers: Collection
Rated X

Covers: Collection is a compilation album by singer Katie Price. Katie Price at the time was releasing many charity singles. When the label seen the success it was bringing in they took all the cover songs that were recorded and put them together in this compilation. The first single released was A Whole New World Feat. Peter Andre. Katie has made many statements to fans that this was not planned and should not be counted as her second studio album.

This album is full of covers by popular artists. Katie Price has covered Kylie Minogue , Daphne Aguilera , Natalya Banhart , & many more.



  1. A Whole New World Feat. Peter Andre
  2. Endless Love Feat. Peter Andre
  3. Part Of Your World
  4. Heart Of Glass
  5. Supple
  6. Play With Fire
  7. Loving Days
  8. The Best Things In Life Are Free Feat. Peter Andre
  9. Cherish Feat. Peter Andre
  10. The Two Of Us Feat. Peter Andre


  1. A Whole New World Feat. Peter Andre - 1st Single
  2. The Best Things In Life Are Free Feat. Peter Andre - 2nd Single
  3. Part Of Your World - 3rd Single
  4. Loving Days - 4th Single
  5. Play With Fire - 5th Single

Chart PositionsEdit

Peak Position/Total SalesEdit

Region Peak Position Total Sales
UK 7 478,478
USA 60 425,592
Aus & NZ 156 289,290
Asia 82 339,044
World 217 1,532,404

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