Crash And Die

Crash Die

San Francisco, California
Heavy Metal, Indie, Punk Rock
Years Active
Lignight Records
Crane Records
Norman Crash: Vocals/Guitar
Grimm Die: Lead Guitar
Frank Yori: Guitar
Bob Yori:Bass
Brim Stone: Drums
Tom Stone: Bass
Paul Johnson: Guitar
Hammond Derik: Bass
Marz: Lead Guitar
Jet Jimms: Guitar
Kim Horst: Guitar
Eric Simmons: Guitar
Crash And Die
Your Torment
Live And Let Fry
For Dante!
Marz vs. Venuz
The Inferno I
The Inferno II
Most Recent Single
Your Torment (Reprise)
Tribute to a Tribute
Dante's Seven

Crash And Die was created by founding members Norman Crash and Grimm Die on June 6, 1994 in San Francisco, California under the name Your Torment. This lineup included Brim Stone on drums and Tom Stone on bass guitar. Crash, Die, and Brim Stone are the only remaining founding members in the band.

Band HistoryEdit


Norman Crash and Grimm Die formed the band under the name Your Torment in 1994. While holding auditions, the Stone brothers came in and auditioned together. Crash and Die were amazed with the Stone brothers and welcomed them into the band. The group played small gigs, opening for bigger bands in the California area. Your Torment was often thrown out of small clubs they performed at due to their destructive behaviour. Crash and Die both made a habit of destroying the club's sound system during the performance by intentionally blowing the amps or bashing the sound board after the performance. After being thrown out of one such show, Crash ran into Paul Johnson, an acoustic guitarist who was performing after the group. The group liked his sound and invited him to the band on the condition that he smash his acoustic guitar and take up electric. Johnson agreed on the spot, bashing his guitar on stage during his second to last song. Brim Stone recalls, "Yeah man, the last song sounded like rubbish, his guitar smashed and bashed and who-whatnot."

The band released its first album, Crash And Die in 1995, using the surnames of founding members Norman Crash and Grimm Die. Subsequently, the band changed their name to Crash and Die. The group met minor success in the San Francisco area with their first album. In March 1996, Johnson stormed off stage during a performance in which Crash and Die had just smashed their guitars halfway through the song and flung the mangled instruments into the crowd. During the first song, Crash had trashed a sound system loaned to the band by a friend of Johnson, Crash claiming it was malfunctioning and didn't sound right. The band finished the performance without Johnson.

The Marz Years (1996-2001)Edit

After Johnson left the band, Crash and Die were looking for a new third guitarist. All the musicians who auditioned didn't fit the role in the band or the skill level that Crash was looking for. In August 1996, Marz formerly of Solar Eclipse auditioned for the band. Not only did he astound the band with his skill, but Crash reportedly quoted "He got it!" upon the end of his audition. Die followed with the statement, "He's got the right look, you know."

The band refused to do any stage performances shortly after Marz joined the group. The band finished their second album, Your Torment, within a few months. On December 23, 1996 Crash and Die gave a single concert of their new material the day before Your Torment hit stores. The audience went wild over the new songs and lineup. Fans were particularly blown away by Marz's stage presence and skill with the guitar. When Your Torment hit the shelves on Christmas Eve, the album sold out, peaking at #1 on both U.S. and U.K. charts.

Touring Years (2002-2005)Edit

Recent Years (2006-2008Edit

Musical Style and InfluencesEdit

Crash And Die uses a heavy metal style reminescent of classic rock. Influences include Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, The Melvins, The Sex Pistols, and KISS.


Original LineupEdit

Current MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

  • Tom Stone: Bass (1994-1998)
  • Paul Johnson: Guitar (1995-1996)
  • Marz:Lead Guitar (1996-2001)
  • Hammond Derik: Bass (1999-2005)
  • Jet Jimms: Guitar (2001-2002)
  • Kim Horst: Guitar (2003-2004)
  • Eric Simmons: Guitar (2004-2005)


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