Band members
Depressive Dave - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Sweet Sarah - Bass, Vocals
Tim - Keyboards, Piano, Rhytm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mourning Marc - Drums
Split up
Alternative Rock

Cyanide was an Australian Alternative Rock band that made it to great mainstream popularity and scored numerous hits, among which 3 #1 singles and a #1 album. They have a quite distinctive sound, influenced by bands like Marillion, Anathema, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Cyanide has recorded 17 studio albums and made it to the 137th spot of the rockstar rankings before splitting up.

Cyanide started as an underground Australian band, but became known worldwide when their debut album 'Music Sweet Music' was praised in a lot of press reviews. Their real commercial breakthrough came with their 3rd album, 'My Sweet Nightmare'. The title track became their first worldwide hit, and many more would follow.

Their first #1 hit was scored with Shadowplay, a very dark and atmospheric pianoballad, which was a duet between Dave and Sarah. Their second #1 hit, Runaway Girl, was a midtempo pop song with a very memorable chorus. Their 11th album, Haunted, is by many seen as their ultimate. Both Runaway Girl and the title track of this album became worldwide #1 singles. At that point, Cyanide were at the top of their polularity.

The band produced 6 more albums after that, but never managed to top the success of this album and it's 2 #1 singles. They still scored some hits but their mainstream popularity slowly diminished. After 17 albums, Cyanide split up when both Dave and Marc decided to leave the band.

Album Discography
1 - Music Sweet Music
2 - Funeral Dance
3 - My Sweet Nightmare
4 - Curse of Life
5 - Festival of Fools
6 - World Pretending
7 - The Raven and the Backward Funeral
8 - The Space Between Us
9 - The Emptiness Within
10 - Me/You
11 - Haunted
12 - Eternity
13 - The Speed of Pain
14 - Reveal
15 - Welcome the the End
16 - Lost Paradise
17 - Forever After

Guest appereances
Marnix of Waterlelie plays Violin on the tracks Forlorn and Angelina and also added vocals to Angelina. The Lost Paradise album was recorded together with the Sydney Symphonic Orchestra.

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