Video by Yumi Takahashi
Released January 2009
Recorded 2008
Language English, Japanese
Producer Yumi Takahashi
Yumi Takahashi chronology
Black Cherry Live Tour 2008

"DANCE RHYTHM!" is an official DVD to be released by Japanese R&B singer Yumi Takahashi in January 2009. It will include 6 dance music videos, which includes a new music video from an unreleased song titled Dirty Ballroom, a dance instructional video and making of video for the song Dirty Ballroom, plus bonus promo footage for Takahashi's upcoming tour and album.

Track listing Edit

DISC 1 Edit

  • Music Videos
  1. Bounce
  3. Candy feat. Averex
  4. Rock Your Body
  5. TABOO
  6. Dirty Ballroom
  • Making of ~Dirty Ballroom~
  • HOW TO DANCE VIDEO ~Dirty Ballroom~
  • DIAMOND KINGDOM Live Tour 2009 Promo Video

Giselle (edit)
Singles: On Another Level | Celebrate (Dance Floor Anthem) | Insomnia | Fashion | Dangerous (feat. Glamazon) | Tribal Drums (Drums 'n' Bass Remix) | Ultraviolet (feat. Chloe) | Mona Lisa | Explicit | Eclipse of the Heart | Arabian Nights | Android | Digital Love (feat. Dominic Brown | Innovation of the Mind | Breaking Point (DJ Cloud Remix
Studio Albums: Ultraviolet | Distorted Perception | Robot Lover
Other Albums: Giselle in the Mix

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