Daniel and the Lions
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Band Name
Daniel and the Lions
Daniel Richards
Gary Evans
Bon South
John Braswell
Frank Gainey
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Christian Rock
Hard Rock
Alternative Rock
Progressive Rock
Years Active
Carrie Out Management 1998-Present
Associated Acts

Daniel and the Lions is a five piece super group formed in Rock Hill, SC. The band consists of the Lead Singer of Purebreed and Blynd, Frank Gainey, as the Lead singer and Piano player, the lead singer of Second Chance and bassist of HER Daniel Richards as the bassists, the drummer of 7 Miles South, and lead singer of Days on End, John Braswell as the drummer, Lead singer of Stars on the Radio, Gary Evans as the Rhythm Guitarists, and Lead Guitarists of HER and Second Chance, Bon South, as the Lead Guitarists.

Band historyEdit

In 1996, Frank Gainey went to a second chance concert for his birthday. After the show Frank met with Second Chance Lead singer Daniel Richards and they talked and Daniel Richards asked Frank Gainey and his band Purebreed to open up for them. At the show in Rock Hill, SC they talked about playing a song together so on the 1998 at the '98 Festivals of the Stars tour which included Second Chance, HER, and Purebreed, where the band members got together. What was supposed to be just a jam session, turned into a christian rock band called Company, later that year they changed there name to Daniel's Lions and then there current name Daniel and the Lions.

They played there first show doing covers of journey songs and 3 songs they had written, Trail, Lions, and Park n' Lot. They released there first demo called The Company Demo on December 22nd, 1998. They wrote some more songs and then went on there first tour called Touring the Carolinas which lasted one month. They were pretty popular due to being in successful bands, but grew to major fame for the song Hopefully which was wrote at the end of 1999 and got them a record deal with Head to Head records where they released there debut album Empty. In 2001 they dropped head to head records due to some legal issues. In 2002 they signed to major record label Turn City Records and released the Open EP and later that year released long awaited album Return to Light.

Change of Names (1998-1999)Edit

During The Company Era they played one show singing Journey songs and three of there own. They also came out with there Company Demo. In Early 1999 they changed there name to Daniel's Lions for a couple of months and under that name the went on there first tour called Touring the Carolinas. After the tour they changed there name to Daniel and the Lions.

Trouble With Head 2 Head RecordsEdit

In 1999 DatL changed signed to Head to Head Records. "It went good for a while...", said Daniel in a interview with Rock Hard Magazine, "...then they tried to sue us for changing the name of our album to Under the Sun to Empty so we dropped them." The legal dispute caused Head To Head records to close there doors.

Later Years and Possible HiatusEdit

In 2006 the band said in an interview that they could possibly go on Hiatus to "take a break" from touring. They changed there mind when asked to open for there major influences Journey and Tesla. They released there self titled album to support them on there tour with Journey and Tesla. On that tour they gained major success in Canada and Paris for there songs Lion, Park n' Lot and cover of Separate Ways originally by Journey. On the tour they were surprised on stage when they played Separate Ways when Journey's lead singer came from the backstage and sang along to the chorus "I was almost in tears," said Frank. In Early 2009 Rock Hard magazine said that is was official DatL would go on hiatus in summer of 2010 after there world tour.


Current membersEdit

Past membersEdit

  • Danny Rules - lead guitar (1998-2000)
  • Beth Kroger - rhythm guitar (2003-2005










Daniel and the Lions Discography

Studio albumsEdit

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