Daphne, Remixed
Daphne remixed
Compilation album by Daphne Aguilera
Released May 4th, 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Dance
Language English
Label Skank-A-Licious Records
Producer Daphne Aguilera, Micro Baby, Alias Redux, Scott Storch, Stuart Price, Rihno, Induendo, Bimbo Jones, Dave Aude, Mambo
Daphne Aguilera chronology
A Dramatic Life
Daphne, Remixed
My Image Unlimited

Daphne, Remixed is the 1st remix album by Daphne Aguilera. She worked closely with various DJ's and producers with this album, including friend Micro Baby. Even though no single was release to promote the album and lack of promo on Daphne's part, the album managed to sell a solid 3 Million copies world-wide.


  1. Hot Shots (Induendo Remix)
  2. Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (Bitch) [Rihno US Remix]
  3. Can't Speak (Can't Hear You) [Thin White Duke Dub]
  4. Throwback (Bimbo Jones Mixtape Edit)
  5. Naughty Baby Did A No-No (Scott Storch Remix)
  6. With Love (F*CK YoU With Hate Remix)
  7. Play With Fire (Dave Aude Remix)
  8. Dignity (Forever Gotten Remix)
  9. Go! (Alias Redux Remix)
  10. A Public Affair (Mambo 7" Remix)


  1. Play With Fire (Dave Aude Remix) [Promo Only]


Chart PositionsEdit

Peak Position/Total SalesEdit

Region Peak Position Total Sales
Canada 38 482,879
US 45 487,933
UK 55 479,699
Europe 46 484,806
Australia/New Zealand 88 462,899
Asia 40 482,787
South America 103 438,722
World 36 3,319,725

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