Daphne Aguilera
Background information
Birth name Daphne Allison Aguilera
Also known as Cristina's Cousin
Born March 14th, 1990
Origin New York City, New York
Genre(s) Pop, Dance, Rock, Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Model, Dancer
Years active 2006 - present
Label(s) Dolores Hamilton Records (2006)

Skank-A-Licious Records (2006-present)
Talent Radar Entertainment (2008)
Metamorphosis Records (2008-Present)

Associated acts Paris Zanderlight, Jessica, Natalya Banhart

Daphne Allison Aguilera (Born March 14th, 1990) is a pop/dance singer/songwriter from New York City, New York. She debuted onto the music scene with her Debut Naughty Baby Did A No-No and has since become one of the most successful pop acts in the music industry today.


Daphne is the proud daughter of Janet and Mike Aguilera. Janet is the older sister of Cristina's mother Erin. After being born, Daphne's parents were vicious stage parents, forcing Daphne to sing up to 4 hours a day under harsh conditions. They had dreams of Daphne becoming a star and would stop at nothing to have this dream realized. At the age of 7 months, Daphne was already appearing in commercials and modeling for baby clothes. As she grew older, the treatment that she got from her parents grew harsher. They forced her to live in a basement to prep her for world domination, making her watch MTV 8 hours a day, undergo physical reconstruction, as well as follow a strict diet regimen provided by the family's nutrition expert. All of this took a toll on Daphne, making her unable to bear child, which both Janet and Mike conspired to have her do for a publicity stunt when Christina was entering the foray of music. Once Daphne became a lethal force in the industry, she cut ties with her parents, effectively becoming a free girl at age 16. As of now, her parents have moved on to other things. Her father Mike is currently institutionalized at a mental asylum and mother Janet is a prostitute on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Daphne has no siblings, although considers Christina to be her sister. A rumor surfaced in late 2008 that Daphne indeed has another cousin named Frutina Aguilera, but these rumors we're quickly denied by Daphne's camp.

Music CareerEdit

Daphne began her music career in mid-2006, shortly after her 16th birthday. With blessings from her cousin Christina Aguilera, Daphne recorded some demo tracks in Los Angeles, California, 3 of which were included on her album Spank For The Mammaries.


The Single cover for Daphne's debut song.

After recording the demos, Daphne went in search for record labels to sign with. After being turned down from RCA Records, Christina's current label, Daphne quit searching and went into a deep state of depression for 3 days. After receiving some counseling, she set out again in search for a record company to release her material on. She decided to post a racy ad on the internet and was shortly contacted by Dolores Hamilton Records to sign with their company. A one-album deal was quickly struck between the two and Daphne released her debut, Naughty Baby Did A No-No to the masses. The single was considered a flop with a dismal 53,000 copies sold. Daphne yet again retreated into herself, cutting off contact with the world. Delores Hamilton, along with a few of her artists nurtured Daphne out of the shadows and convinced her to release a 2nd single. The song Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (Bitch) was thus born. The title for the song came from DH herself, after hearing Daphne use the phrase while lashing out at her Undercover Haters. This single did a bit better, selling around 130,000+ copies and gave her her 1st chart position on the U.S. Singles chart. She soon released her debut album and thus the Daphne brand was born. 2 more singles was released from the album, which sold more than her previous singles. Daphne paired up with music veteran Zulema to go on tour with her in the U.S. and UK. The tour 2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night World Tour was a huge success, becoming Daphne's 1st sold-out tour. Each girls performed a short setlist as well as sung 2 songs together.

The Diamond EraEdit

Shortly after releasing her debut album, Daphne quickly began working on her 2nd album Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. She wanted to depart from her teen pop image and go with a more racy, mature theme for the record. Delores Hamilton wasn't very happy with the change so soon and wanted Daphne to milk the hell out of her teen crowd, but Daphne insisted on the change of image. Their differences soon escalated and thus Daphne decided she couldn't take Delores's controlling ways anymore as they reminded her of her parents. Daphne decided to leave DH Records and start her own label.

Skank-A-Licious RecordsEdit

In Septmeber of 2006, Daphne decided to break ties with DH Records and set out to start her own label. With the help of June Mushroom, she began Skank-A-Licious Records. The label was founded upon the promise that it would give all its artists equal attention and do what it took to make them a success. Soon after SAL Records was formed, artists of all kinds flocked over to join its roster, including Jack Tripper's Wardrobe, The Kid, Paris Zanderlight, Jessica, and Lizzie Crunch. Skank-A-Licious records is also most know for its highly successful compilations Skanky Love! Vol.1 & Skanky Love! Vol.2. The albums featured songs from all of the SAL artist roster and has generated tons of revenue for the label. As time progressed, Skank-A-Licous records lost contacted with its artists and Daphne soon decided that the label will be exclusive for her only and that no other artists will be signed at this time. As of September, 2008 the ban still remains.

June MushroomEdit

June Rose Portabello Mushroom was Daphne's publicist for a brief period in 2006. She handled much of Daphne's public affairs as well as provided much needed friendship for Daphne. While she was excellent at her job, June proved to be problematic for Miss. Aguilera.


Posed photo of June.

June was secretly harboring sexual feeling for Daphne and in September of '06, those feels erupted. Daphne started receiving unmarked notes from Mushroom claiming that they were meant for each other. Daphne wasn't aware these notes were from Mushroom at the time, but thought they were from an obsessed fan she had an encounter with earlier in July. Aguilera sent her body guards to "Deal" with him. A short while later, the man was in a coma. Days later the letters started to pour in and Daphne soon learned that the letters were from Mushroom herself. Days after Daphne discovered June was behind the letters, Mushroom decided she had to kill Daphne. June setup a hit at Madison Square Gardens in New York where Daphne was to be during that time, but instead Paris Zanderlight was killed. June was seen fleeing from the scene and was shortly arrested after. She has been sentenced to life in prison without parole and is current serving out her sentence at a maximum security prison in California.



Daphne before surgery.

After receiving comments about her image and how she wasn't "Top quality material", Daphne decided to go under the knife and get a Full-Body Makeover, which included altering Daphne's entire body structure, head to toe. Daphne was of course strongly against this, however a few people in her inner-circle convinced her it was best for her career. Daphne enlisted the help of Dr. Konckemup, a top plastic surgeon, to do the procedure. Daphne spent a total of 33 hours in the operation room over a span of 5 days. The Operation is reported to have cost Daphne over $50,000,000, which was paid off from various sources, including donations from fans, her cousin Christina, and funds from her label as well as from fellow artists.

After maintaining her new appearance for roughly 2 years, Daphne decided to go under the knife once again to do yet another full-body makeover too look Asian. The model for which she wanted to look was based on J-Pop star NaNa Ammuro. She was quoted saying she got bored and tired of her new look and wanted a change. After doing a 2nd full-body procedure, She received negative feedback from all angles, including loyal fans, who were very upset at her new appearance. In responce to this, Daphne decided to go back to her original appearance before the 2nd surgery. The stress to her body during these surgeries was minimal due to improvements in the science of how the operation is performed. She was able to return to full capacity with 2 days after both operations.


  • Currently living in: New York City , New York
  • Favourite color: Pink
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Writing Hit Songs, sex
  • Marital status: Fuckable
  • Likes: Music, Sex, um Sex, MTV, Jerry Springer
  • Dislikes: Christina Aguilera (my cousin), Fur, Brad Pitt Movies
  • Message to fans: Lyke i'm gonna be the best pop star in the world!
  • Message to haters: Bitter Queens! Get over yourself. I'm sexy.
  • Five adjectives that best describe you: Hot, Sexy, Slutty, Talented, Fierce
  • Goal in life: To have a #1 Single and #1 Album, Kill Christina



Release Title Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
June 10th, 2006 Spank For The Mammaries - 440 - - - - - DNC 356,412
August 27th, 2006 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - 37 - - - - - 1000 475,445
October 25th, 2006 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Special Edition) 204 60 - - - - - 848 999,591
December 25th, 2006 U.S.D.A. = United States of Daphne Aguilera 34 26 - - - 333 - 576 1,448,560
February 14th, 2007 Ultimate Daphne 8 21 282 212 264 28 - 183 2,785,318
April 8th, 2007 A Dramatic Life 14 16 64 33 48 9 90 33 3,798,899
May 4th, 2007 Daphne, Remixed 38 45 55 46 88 40 103 33 3,319,725
July 26th, 2007 My Image Unlimited 26 25 34 82 29 21 59 36 3,763,792
August 4th, 2008 State of Mind 24 26 23 169 55 131 143 72 2,902,344
October 3rd, 2008 The Comeback 5 6 14 83 15 38 51 22 3,402,983
  • DNC (Did Not Chart)


Release Title Artists Album Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
Californian Devilstream Nova Logic Feat. Daphne Aguilera Californian Devilstream 193 208 153 580 170 487 186 195 1,342,546
June 15th, 2006 A Little Lie Never Hurt The Burners Feat. Daphne Aguilera Secrets (From The Sea) 286 158 35 218 433 218 255 183 1,158,111
November 17th, 2006 Love is a Gangsta Fleur Bunter Feat. Daphne Aguilera Spillin' Da Beats - 8 9 139 - - - 629 728,572


Release Title Album Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
June 3rd, 2006 Naughty Baby Did A No-No Spank For The Mammaries - DNC - - - - - DNC 53,576
June 20th, 2006 Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (Bitch) Spank For The Mammaries - 621 - - - - - DNC 131,319
July 15th, 2006 Woah! Stop Fighting Over Me! Spank For The Mammaries - 134 - - - - - DNC 190,916
July 26th, 2006 Can't Speak (Can't Hear You) Spank For The Mammaries 540 165 - - - - - DNC 304,117
August 23rd, 2006 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Song) Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 541 94 541 560 538 573 663 463 843,189
August 30th, 2006 Hot Shots Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Special Edition) 528 154 833 655 580 596 580 501 865,504
October 26th, 2006 'Holla N' Ya Ear (Feat. Fat Joe) Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Special Edition) 270 84 781 690 557 526 540 419 900,220
November 7th, 2006 S.E.X. A.N.D. F.*.C.K. (Not The Same) Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Special Edition) 125 112 758 602 563 478 522 395 988,301
December 1st, 2006 Throwback U.S.D.A. = United States of Daphne Aguilera 168 105 663 564 511 458 477 342 1,011,262
December 29th, 2006 Promise U.S.D.A. = United States of Daphne Aguilera 138 135 648 572 508 321 459 350 888,116
January 12th, 2007 Beware of The Dog U.S.D.A. = United States of Daphne Aguilera 105 87 703 468 532 146 484 329 1,008,679
January 23th, 2007 Go! U.S.D.A. = United States of Daphne Aguilera 118 58 502 391 481 188 459 260 1,100,844
February 10th, 2007 Malibu, Home of The Fierce (Feat. Christina Aguilera) Ultimate Daphne 67 108 497 413 373 135 406 258 1,231,936
March 1st, 2007 Naughty Baby Did A No-No (Re-Release) Ultimate Daphne 60 63 271 147 356 103 374 176 1,310,514
March 22nd, 2007 Dignity (Feat. Zulema) A Dramatic Life 38 37 155 117 148 59 265 106 1,397,859
March 30th, 2007 With Love A Dramatic Life 40 54 136 138 109 74 214 102 1,550,831
April 14th, 2007 Play With Fire A Dramatic Life 30 47 57 66 80 35 101 57 1,541,912
May 1st, 2007 A Dramatic Live A Dramatic Life 65 78 100 75 117 47 105 74 1,547,306
May 11th, 2007 Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) A Dramatic Life 40 38 67 134 51 140 143 45 1,531,157
July 24th, 2007 Let Your Head Go My Image Unlimited 74 57 69 247 65 145 75 94 1,446,284
August 13th, 2007 Be With You My Image Unlimited 42 47 40 78 57 53 71 59 1,645,940
August 23rd, 2007 Generate The Flow My Image Unlimited 51 70 71 31 41 42 56 47 1,603,537
July 30th, 2008 Desire State of Mind 176 162 184 320 296 262 254 215 1,121,192
August 7th, 2008 & State of Mind 72 76 78 185 149 170 168 121 1,211,965
August 24th, 2008 I Go Crazy State of Mind 36 33 41 128 60 96 106 61 1,348,460
October 1st, 2008 Let My Hair Down The Comeback 31 43 38 110 44 63 96 46 1,393,264
October 20th, 2008 Lipstick The Comeback 35 44 49 101 38 59 79 51 1,467,391
November 4th, 2008 Not Such An Innocent Girl The Comeback 26 30 32 61 50 44 46 41 TBA
November 4th, 2008 Official The Comeback 22 9 7 44 31 30 41 23


September 8th, 2009 Flashback Non-Album Single 119 54 44 DNC DNC DNC DNC 161 549,765



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