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Dark Medieval Times
July 28, 1999
Black metal
Death Records
CD and Vinyl

Dark Medieval Times is My Dark Desires third studio album.

Track listingEdit

1. Blood Over The Throne (4:12)
2. Crusaders Cross (6:34)
3. The Holy Land Burns (7:00)
4. The Pagan Fires Will Burn Eternal (8:01)
5. Nest Of The Infidel (4:54)
6. Eretic's Soul (4:23)
7. Slaves...Die! (5:04)
8. Times Of The Plague (6:55)
9. Dark Medieval Times (Satyricon Cover) (08:12)
10. Pagan Swine (Bonus Track) (6:23)
11. Skyggedans (Satyricon cover)(Bonus Track)(03:55)

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