Dead Roses


birth names
Taylor Asbridge
Damien Lewis
Charis Lewis
Matthew Bell
James Goodwin
Taylor:20 feb 1987
Damien:26 nov 1986
Charis:02 oct 1985
Matthew:30 jan 1986
James:12 dec 1989
Taylor: Colchester
Damien: Carmarthanshire
Charis: Carmarthanshire
Matthew: Birmingham
James: Cardiff
Taylor:Lead Guitarist
Damien:Drums,Backing Vocals
Charis:Lead Vocals
Matthew:Rhythm Guitarist
punk pop
Record Label History
Dead Roses are a Welsh/English, Punk/Screamo

band that first came together in 2003, but got recognized by the music scene in 2007. Their first full-length album, Chased Down, was released on September 26, 2003. Their second full-length album, God Burnt the Devil, was released on October 21, 2004. Their third and forth albums, Rocking the Afterlife (Chapter 1) and Final Wishes (Chapter 2), were both released in the same week starting on January 2 2008.

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