Death Squad Alpha
Band Name
Death Squad Alpha
Lucifer Sexdiktator- (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Programming)
Goatsfuk Kristraper- (Bass/Vocals/Additional Programming)
Deathsex Ejakulator - (Percussion
Dark confines of Cthulhu's sex dungeons
Industrialized Christ Raping Blackened Death Metal
Years Active
2008 - present
Labels are not Kult

Death Squad Alpha are a three peice audio extermination squad created by the Insane Dark LordLucifer Sexdiktator. Initially it was a one man band, in true cult underground misanthropic ambient black christ hating metal style before Sexdiktator became lonely and found friendship on a Black Metal style network not unlike Facebook...actually, it was Facebook.

Grim and trOO to themselvesEdit

Sexdiktator's new found friends were Goatsfuk Kristraper and Deathsex Ejakulator, both very evil and twisted individuals whose goal was to exterminate the world with grim expressions and wearing bullet belts and corpsepaint at the same time. They begun writing some songs and before long they had some suitably crap material for release...the lyrical focus was of course on the big cheese upstairs (no, God...though Sexdiktator did have a fridge full of cheese in his attic) and the desperate festering sore that humanity was. As stupid and demented the bands imagery and names are, they did decide on focusing seriously with their music and created an interesting though very hard to listen blend of industrial, blitzkreig style black metal and technical death metal. They intially released God Delusion, a three track demo with a remix thrown in that did not make it to record labels but did gain them some underground cult following. Some months later, the band had changed direction (they initially went without stupid monikers and associated metal paraphernalia) and begun a more extreme but rather tongue in cheek metal attack. They re-released God Delusion, with a brand new track, a nonsensically titled Nazi Whores ov der Reichprotektor and a remix of God Delusion. This time they garnered far more attention with their intentional tongue in cheek but serious musical approach.

Their most recent live event, which so far has been a rarity, has resulted in one club been burnt to a crisp by rather zealous crowd members which the band filmed the entire event from start to beginning. Deathsex Ejakulator was spotted trying to put the fire out but his attempts where more half hearted and token, having just unzipped his fly and pissing on the rampant flames whilst drinking a bottle of beer he had salvaged as everyone fled the venue. DSA are planning on releasing this as their first DVD, even if its not a particularly black metal thing to do but according to Sexdiktator..."It's fucking hilarious...I'll try and get it on Funniest Home Videos too...after all it was taken with our roadies cheap and crappy camera".

Debut AlbumEdit

Death Squad Alpha released their debut album Total Fucking Annihilation in 2008 to horrified and disgusted audiences alike. It was a mixture of Christ hating black metal, dirty industrial influences simultaneously raped and defiled by death metal nastiness. It featured 'classics' suck as Clarity in Blackened Skies and Your Suffering Shall Be Forlorn. Following the release, which sold modestly in their native Norway, the band vanished into obscurity and nothing was heard from them for some time.

However just grimly recent, the band emerged from their castle outside of Norway, where Goatsfuk had been pretending to be a Viking storming the castle whilst Deathsex hunted deer and pretended they were Christians, the band emerged with the news that a new record was currently under consideration and rudimentary cult and trOO ideas where been thrown around. Its understood...but only just...that the new album is actually completed, writing wise, but are finding it difficult to find a kultish and grim enough necromancing producer to put it all down on their anciently Nordic four track recorder. 1st Extinction Regiment sound wise is just as much as the same as the debut but more brOOtal and devastatingly grim, intensifying the misanthropic feeling of hatred, disgust and rage towards humakind. When it will be released is anyones guess but after casting the bleached bones of Christian enemies into a bog in the deep and forboding woods of Germania, Lucifer predicted it will be when the firey warmth and radiation of Sol Invictus would be at its most heinous...meaing summer.

Current membersEdit


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Studio albumsEdit

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