Entering Deep Special RecordsEdit

Deep Special Records is a label created to expand the music business world wide and to promote all musicians and bands that need a new point of view.

The Begining of Deep Special RecordsEdit

Founded on 15th of August 2008, with his basement on Barcelona City, the start of Deep Special Records is by the hand of Tensodio's leader: Tasinho.

He started as our first director, producer and manager.

With hard work, we'll enter into the otherside of music business.

Business of Deep Special RecordsEdit

Now we're introducing the areas of business of our company.


We offer all the tools you need for recording and promoting anything you want. LPs, EPs, Singles, Videos, and so.

Bands under our label:
Tensodio (2008-?)


Some bands need a manager to get the success they need. We provide these bands for everything they need, like touring planning, press managing,...

Bands under our management:
Tensodio (2008-?)


We offer all the producers and studios we have for your use. If you want it, you have it.

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