Drama On The Dancefloor


May 23rd 2008
Pop, Electro-Pop, Urban Pop

Drama On The Dancefloor is the successful fifth album from female pop group GirlSpice and has received positive reviews from critics. The album has been GirlSpice's most successful selling a total of over 3,000,000 copies worldwide is currently still selling.

Drama On The Dancefloor TourEdit

GirlSpice took off on tour to promote their album "Drama On The Dancefloor" with the "Drama On The Dancefloor Tour", the tour lasts roughly 3 months and the girls are scheduled to visit UK, USA and Canada, the tour has cost an amazing expensive ten million pounds to stage making the tour the most expensive tour of 2008 so far, the girls take eight costume changes during the show and have hired 20 dancers and the tour has been given rave reviews from critics.

Track ListingEdit

1. Welcome Back GirlSpice (Intro)
2. Drop The Bomb (Featuring Thunderwolf)
3. Unfinished Dream (Featuring The Kidd)
4. Vibe
5. Love Bomb
6. Discipline
7. Xplode (Featuring Aerospliff)
8. Invisible (Featuring Rebel Uprising)
9. Addiction
10. Goodbye GirlSpice (Outro)

Chart PositionsEdit

Region Peak Position Sales Total
UK #9 586,192
USA #13 580,337
Canada #14 529,226
Aus & NZ #177 247,475
Asia #10 568,109
Europe #6 583,280
World #64 3,094,619

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